Exposure of two major persistent diseases in China

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In recent years, with the increasingly fierce competition in the sanitary industry, it is beneficial to make it an environment-friendly "green product", and the problems are becoming increasingly prominent. Problems about product design and product research and development emerge in endlessly: quality crisis, product plagiarism, high energy consumption and environmental protection have seriously restricted the healthy development of the sanitary industry, and have become difficult problems in the industry

good and bad quality hope for the return of enterprise integrity

in recent years, the sanitary ware industry has developed faster and faster, the output value has also increased, and new and powerful Sanitary Ware brands have entered. However, the industry is still full of confidence in China's plastic extruder market, and some problems can not be ignored, such as low brand concentration, inferior product quality, uneven service level and other phenomena are still serious

some small-scale and weak sanitary ware enterprises use non environmental protection materials for production, which is difficult to avoid a series of problems such as exceeding the standard and unqualified product quality, resulting in a crisis of confidence in the sanitary ware industry among consumers who buy such unqualified products. This trust crisis tells us that enterprises should not only pay attention to the quality of products, but also pay attention to the after-sales service of products, strive to solve the problems encountered by users in the use of products, and truly treat customers with integrity, so as to be eliminated. It is not only necessary to fundamentally transform the plastic granulator process, but also the trust and recognition of consumers

frequent "copycat" enterprises need to resist plagiarism

walking in major building materials and home furnishing stores, we often see many "deja vu" products. These products are similar to the design of international famous brands, or come from products popular in the domestic market. In fact, the situation of the bathroom industry is not out of its control

China's sanitary ware has a short history, shallow foundation and lack of industry norms, so even though some Sanitary Ware brands have gained popularity and recognition, they still lack Countermeasures in the face of being "copied". As a sanitary ware manufacturer, we should first consciously resist plagiarism, recognize and develop our own uniqueness, highlight our own value, and do not blindly follow the trend and compare prices; Otherwise, not only the development of enterprises will be limited, but also the future of the whole industry will be worrying

for long-term development, the future of low-carbon is infinite

the wind of low-carbon is constantly blowing into the hearts of the people, and is gradually valued by all sanitary ware enterprises. It can be said that low-carbon environmental protection has become the inevitable trend of the future development of the sanitary industry. With the low-carbon wind blowing stronger and stronger, the entire sanitary industry will undoubtedly usher in a "big reshuffle" of the industry, in which those who follow will prosper and those who go against will die. The low-carbon wind has awakened some bathroom enterprises like the "prophet of spring river water heating duck". Those sanitary ware enterprises with backward production capacity, high pollution and high energy consumption have to speed up the industrial transformation and upgrading, and the awareness of low carbon in the industry is constantly increasing. Low carbon is not only limited to the energy conservation adopted by enterprises to improve economic efficiency, but also points out that vigorously promoting the breakthrough development and consumption reduction measures in key areas highlights the social significance of enterprises

the sanitary ware industry has been sticking to its position in the home furnishing industry since its initial difficulties. It is inseparable from the persistent pursuit of quality by enterprises. Sanitary ware enterprises are very clear that there are still many things to do in the future. Sanitary ware enterprises should adhere to quality, pay close attention to product quality and research and development. I believe that in the near future, there will be a broader space for the sanitary ware industry to explore

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