Express delivery industry welcomes the examination

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After the "double 11", the sample will bear tensile force in multiple directions. The express delivery industry welcomes the big exam

release date: Source: Shanxi

on the evening of November 12, the staff of Taiyuan postal administration paid a night visit to Zhongtong Taiyuan transfer center. The cargo arrival, unloading, security inspection, uploading, sorting, packaging, loading, and the inbound volume of 650000 express deliveries per day have enabled the 580 person sorting team to quickly put into 40000 square meters of work. At present, more than 4000 salesmen of China express in Shanxi have started the busy mode

zhaoxiaolong, general manager of Shanxi provincial management center of Zhongtong express, said that the "double 11" orders have increased significantly this year. It is expected that the peak delivery volume can reach 1.45 million pieces. At that time, the express brother will have to deliver a single order in an average of 1.6 minutes

Shanxi Zhongtong express and many colleges and universities in the province have reserved excellent employees in advance through the school enterprise cooperation mode, and have carried out targeted business skill training to practice a variety of "arrays" such as overlapping shifts, cross work, centralized elimination of the above products, and segmented operation. At the same time, Shanxi Zhongtong Express has carried out large-scale equipment transformation and upgrading throughout the province, invested two sets of advanced automatic sorting equipment, added semi-trailer retractors, 18 high-capacity dump trailers, 30 sets of automatic scanners and 1000 square meters of steel platforms, and Jincheng, Datong and Houma transfer centers have applied informatization means in many links

it is reported that Taiyuan postal administration focuses on solving the traffic problems of express tricycles and terminal distribution problems in Taiyuan, and takes the lead in applying for financial subsidies for security screening machines, personnel training for security screening machine employment and speed control with large errors under low conditions, etc

what makes people more surprised is that "green double 11" is quietly entering our life. At the site of Zhongtong Taiyuan transfer center, recycling boxes for express packages are configured to encourage the secondary use of idle cartons; Green reusable canvas bags are fully implemented. Compared with traditional disposable woven bags, the canvas plastic film tear resistance test (ellemendorf method) cloth bags are strong and durable, can be reused for months, and the utilization rate is 100 times that of woven bags; The use range of new energy vehicles at both ends of the distribution is increasing year by year, and half of the "last mile" green distribution of new energy vehicles has been accounted for

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