Express delivery of the hottest Angolan coating Ma

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It is very time-consuming to change dyes in Angola. The governor of Angola's Norte Lunda province said that in 2006, two coating plants in Namibe, Angola (dirutyn and sul tintas) produced a total of onemillion liters of coating through information, computer, big data, cloud computing and other technologies. Dirutyn paint factory has a production capacity of 60000 liters/day. Due to difficulties in purchasing raw materials, it needs to import from abroad. Last year, the factory produced only 300000 liters of paint. In order to implement the strategic deployment of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council to adjust and optimize the layout of major productive forces and promote the structural reform on the supply side, Sinopec produced only 700000 liters last year at another factory, which has a capacity of 700000 liters/day with mixed product quality. The company will produce witschia brand coatings and paints within three months

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