In June, the most popular plastic PE for household

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In June, plastic PE for household appliances was first suppressed and then increased

at the beginning of June 2009, PE market prices continued to decline. In the middle and late ten days, affected by the fluctuation of the international crude oil futures price at $70/barrel for most of the time, sellers were reluctant to ship at a low price due to cost pressure, and the market price rose. In June, the average price of PE in the national market was 10200 yuan/ton

the high melt strength of these polymers can achieve higher foam stability and improve production

overall, the domestic PE market is still difficult to get rid of the impact of low downstream demand, continued weakness, and poor trading volume. The price of linear film material grade 7042 is 9800 ~ 9850 yuan/ton. The price of high-pressure membrane material grade q281 is 10200 ~ 10300 yuan/ton. The price of low-pressure membrane material 5000S is 11100 ~ 11150 yuan/ton, the price of tr480 is 10800 ~ 10900 yuan/ton, and the price of mh602 is 110. There is a stopover phenomenon of 50 yuan/ton after unloading

p3. The exposed sliding parts, gears, pulleys, etc. of the experimental machine should be protected and installed. The e outer disc Market owner will analyze and process the data collected by the computer. The afterflow quotation is: high pressure membrane material 1180 dollars/ton, low pressure membrane material 1220 dollars/ton, low pressure hollow membrane material 1200 dollars/ton, linear membrane material 1170 dollars/ton

since mid June, the strong ex factory prices of petrochemical enterprises have significantly supported the market. In July, the increase of PE domestic market supply and the weak downstream demand are still the biggest factors restraining the upward development of market prices

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