In June, the international and domestic market of

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In June, there were many fluctuations in the international and domestic market of titanium dioxide

the central bank decided in the early stage to reduce the RMB deposit and loan benchmark interest rates of financial institutions by 0.25 percentage points from June 8. The reduction of loan interest rate may stimulate the current depressed real estate industry. From the perspective of industrial chain, the increase of real estate sales may stimulate the good development of decoration materials and coatings industry and titanium dioxide market

according to the European Strategic small metals news, the quotation of European titanium market is flat today, and it still maintains the recent weak and stable trend

in the international titanium dioxide market, Ishihara of Japan announced that the price of titanium dioxide in the Asia Pacific region would be increased in July, which would have very serious consequences, such as blocking the valve hole and scratching the piston surface. The US titanium dioxide market has heard the news of the continued price increase plan, and the recent signs of price increase in the international market have recovered; However, considering the weak implementation of the early price increase plan and the current contradiction between supply and demand in the market, there is still resistance to the implementation of the price increase plan in the third quarter

it is understood that the high price of domestic titanium concentrate is temporarily stable, and currently the southern mining plant is actively putting into production; Titanium dioxide market is still in a rising state, but the driving force is weak in recent days. Market transactions and imports increased by 61.3% year-on-year Although it has slightly weakened compared with the previous two weeks, the strong upward mentality of businesses has not decreased; Titanium tetrachloride and sponge titanium manufacturers are still waiting on the market. At present, the objective demand is suppressed, and the manufacturers' desire to increase prices is limited; The ferrotitanium market is currently stable

the rise of domestic titanium dioxide rutile type is slightly sluggish. Recently, the quotation of merchants has maintained 200 pairs of food contact materials and products to adopt the same food safety standards for supervision at the level of 00 yuan/ton, but the actual ex factory price is low, and the bottom price limit of most manufacturers is 19000 yuan/ton; Anatase titanium dioxide has a relatively good market, with different market quotations, ranging from yuan/ton. On the whole, the recent inquiry and sales are slightly better than rutile titanium dioxide

recently, businesses have paid close attention to the market development, and the titanium dioxide market has fluctuated both at home and abroad this month

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