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Awesome! In less than three years, China has fully completed the reform of provincial electricity transmission and distribution price. Since the 18th CPC National Congress, China has made great efforts to improve the price formation mechanism in key areas and key links, resolutely liberalize competitive areas and link prices, flexibly play the role of price leverage, and constantly promote the price reform in depth

up to now, more than 97% of the prices of goods and services have been adjusted by the market, and the mechanism of market determining prices has been basically established. A few natural monopoly industries and public service fields that are still priced by the government have initially established a scientific pricing system with "permitted cost + reasonable income" as the core. The continuous promotion of price reform has helped enterprises reduce the burden by more than 420billion yuan, playing an important role in stimulating market vitality and cultivating new drivers of development. China has basically achieved the transformation of price management from directly setting the price level to building a mechanism and strengthening supervision

more than 80 government pricing have been delegated.

the price of goods and services with competitive conditions will be liberalized, which is one of the important principles of price reform in China. According to this idea, the central government has liberalized and decentralized more than 80 government pricing projects, and government pricing is limited to important public utilities, public welfare services and network natural monopoly links

in the past five years, the reform of agricultural products, resources and energy, medicine, transportation and other fields has continued to deepen, and the price reform has climbed over the ridge and been steadily promoted, which has played a leading role in the reform of the industry system

in 2015, the prices of agricultural products were all formed by the market. In order to ensure the safety of rations, protect the income of grain farmers, and comply with the changes in the market situation, the minimum purchase price of rice has been steadily reduced. At the same time, China has also steadily promoted the reform of cotton target price, explored a new way in which the price of agricultural products is mainly formed by market supply and demand, and the price is decoupled from government subsidies, stimulated the vitality of the whole industrial chain of production, processing, circulation and textile, and provided practical experience for the structural reform of agricultural supply side

electricity and natural gas are the basic energy related to the national economy and the people's livelihood. According to the idea of "opening both ends and controlling the middle", the key first step of non residential natural gas price reform was taken in 2013. In 2014, the pilot reform of transmission and distribution electricity prices was launched in Shenzhen. In less than three years, China has fully completed the reform of provincial electricity transmission and distribution price, and the market trading electricity accounts for about 23% of the electricity sold by power enterprises; The price of non residential natural gas has been rationalized, and the price of non residential gas, which accounts for more than 80% of the total consumption, is mainly formed by the market. The whole industrial chain of natural gas such as long-distance transmission, short-term transmission and gas distribution and the scientific and refined regulatory framework for transmission and distribution prices have been basically established

drugs and medical use two mutually parallel plates to exert pressure on the sample in the vertical direction. The reform of service price has become a breakthrough to break the "supplementing medicine with drugs". Since 2014, the prices of drugs other than narcotic drugs and class I psychotropic drugs have been liberalized and adjusted by the market. At present, the reform of medical service price has been carried out in an all-round way, and the drug surcharge in public hospitals has been completely cancelled. For the reasonable income of hospitals reduced thereby, 80% to 90% of the compensation will be made by adjusting the medical service price. Through reform, China has changed the compensation channels of public hospitals into two channels: service charges and government subsidies, ending the history of "supplementing medicine with medicine" for more than 60 years, and initially establishing a new system for the scientific operation of public hospitals

the reform of railway transportation price has also brought greater impetus to the development of the railway industry. According to the price comparison relationship between railway freight and highway freight of about 1:3, the freight price of national railway will be straightened out in three steps from 2013 to 2015, and will be changed from government pricing to government guided price, allowing railway transportation enterprises to float no more than 10% up and no limit down based on the national freight price

grasping the pulse of reform is the key

the reform of agricultural products, electric power, natural gas, medicine, railway transportation and other fields involves deep-seated system and mechanism contradictions, and is also related to the national economy and the people's livelihood, which affects the whole body. The key to the steady and orderly progress of price reform in these areas is to firmly grasp the pulse of comprehensively deepening reform

-- Fang Xiangming. The Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee put forward the general requirement of improving the mechanism that prices are mainly determined by the market. "Several opinions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on promoting the reform of the price mechanism" designs the price reform from the top. The State Council has made clear plans for price reform for many times. The price reform has strictly implemented the central decision-making and deployment, and all prices that can be formed by the market are handed over to the market. The price supervision during and after the event is strengthened, and a scientific, standardized and transparent government pricing mechanism is established

-- steady step. Price reform covers a wide range of areas and is related to the adjustment of interests in all aspects. It must be planned as a whole and promoted step by step. The promotion of price reform has clarified the three-year plan, annual arrangement and promotion steps of key reforms, and made systematic arrangements and specific arrangements for the reform. For each key reform, we have made full investigation and scientific demonstration, defined the "construction drawings", grasped the opportunity, pace and strength, and steadily and orderly promoted it

-- bottom line. Price reform involves the vital interests of the masses, and we must put ensuring people's livelihood in the first place. When introducing major reform plans directly related to people's livelihood, such as electric power, natural gas and medical services, we adhered to the bottom line thinking and formulated supporting measures. Today we will introduce a plane nest spring fatigue testing machine produced by Shandong Sida high-tech. many construction works are actively promoting the basic life guarantee measures for people and special groups

-- push public. Promoting democratic decision-making and public participation is the inevitable requirement of governing the country according to law, and it is also an important condition for smoothly promoting reform. The cost supervision or pricing methods for power transmission and distribution, natural gas pipeline transportation, and the completion of man-machine dialogue passenger transport by railways have all solicited public opinions

price mechanism guides resource allocation

with the promotion of price reform, China has basically realized the transformation of price management from directly setting price levels to building mechanisms and strengthening supervision, so that the price mechanism truly guides resource allocation and the effectiveness of structural reform on the service supply side continues to show

the market determines the price mechanism is basically established. The number of central government pricing projects has been reduced from about 100 to 20, and the number of local pricing projects has also been reduced from an average of 100 to an average of 45. According to the measurement of value, the proportion of central and local government pricing is 1.45% and 1.54% respectively, which optimizes the efficiency of resource allocation, mobilizes the enthusiasm of social capital investment, and stimulates the vitality of entrepreneurship and innovation

"permitted cost + reasonable income" as the core pricing system has been initially established. At present, the very few government pricing projects retained have fully implemented inventory management, and a scientific pricing system with "allowable cost + reasonable income" as the core has been initially established in accordance with the idea of "accurately verifying costs, scientifically determining profits, and strictly supervising"

price leverage has achieved remarkable results in cost reduction and structural adjustment. Through measures such as coal and electricity linkage, reform of transmission and distribution electricity prices, direct electricity trading, strengthening the supervision of natural gas prices, and increasing the clearing and standardization of charges, enterprises have reduced the cost of energy consumption and the burden of charges by a total of more than 400 billion yuan. The implementation of tiered or differential price policies for electricity consumption in areas with excess capacity, such as electrolytic aluminum, cement, steel, etc., has formed a back-up mechanism conducive to the elimination of backward production capacity

the policy framework of "ensuring basic needs" in the field of people's livelihood has been preliminarily established. In close connection with China's national conditions of a large number of low - and middle-income groups, we should establish and improve the linkage mechanism between social assistance and security standards and price increases, explore and carry out agricultural product price insurance, and ensure the basic livelihood of the people

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