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Three advantages help BASF Chongqing MDI project

BASF said at the end of September that the three advantages will promote the implementation of its planned Chongqing diphenylmethane diisocyanate (MDI) project. According to the plan, this MDI device with an annual output of 400000 tons will be completed in 2013 and put into commercial operation in 2014. It is expected that the project will be finally approved by the Chinese government this year, and the BASF Executive Board will approve the investment in the first quarter of 2010

check the wear degree of needle valves. "We believe that as the development gateway of Western China, Chongqing can take advantage of the general trend of global development to provide a growing local market for MDI products. This new world-class MDI production device will be established in accordance with advanced environmental health and safety standards, and will contribute to the balanced development of the economy and environment of Chongqing's local communities." Dr. Bo mule, member of BASF's board of directors and responsible for Asia Pacific business, said during the annual meeting of Chongqing mayor's international economic advisory group

Dr. Bo mule outlined the three core advantages of the investment plan: first, after the production plant is fully put into operation, it is estimated that at least 300 permanent jobs will be created in BASF, and 17 affiliated production plants and companies will be immediately put into operation as major partners and suppliers, forming a new industrial manufacturing cluster; Secondly, nowadays, MDI products are mainly used in thermal insulation in China, which can reduce the energy consumption of buildings. The products of this production device will be used to create energy-saving solutions; Third, in order to develop its own cooling textile technology. Third, BASF has provided us with infinite phenomenon space in the future, requiring all its suppliers to input environmental parameters and partners to comply with unified international safety and operation standards. Through this project, dozens of BASF upstream suppliers in China have upgraded the environmental health and safety measures of their production devices

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