The hottest machinery industry faces global compet

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The machinery industry is facing global competition

due to the poor buying in the international market and the low price competition of new entrepreneurs in the mainland, most operators believe that the domestic machinery industry is currently in a downturn. Not only European and American orders are not easy to obtain, but also orders previously owned in Southeast Asia have shifted, causing unprecedented pressure on the machinery industry

the way to deal with the recession, some industry insiders pointed out that the biggest fatal injury of the domestic machinery industry is to destroy its future by low-cost competition. Because it is larger than the low-cost manufactured products in South Korea and the mainland, China will inevitably create another wave of price competition storm against the domestic machinery industry that pursues "low-cost competition" in this trip

in recent years, it is not difficult to find that the level of machinery industry in Chinese Mainland has made significant progress. The precautions for hydrostatic test can be divided into five parts for inventory. At present, the machinery industry that has set up a fixed distance plant in the mainland said that if Taiwan's machinery industry does not develop towards higher-level or self-developed new products, there will be no living space, because after the mother plant is moved out, it will also take away many third-party factories, making many relevant machinery and equipment manufacturers have to move to the mainland to set up factories

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