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Machinery industry: continue to recommend covos and thinking train control, focus on the core component supplier of wind turbine Zhenjiang shares

[wind turbine parts industry & Zhenjiang shares] offshore wind power has entered the rapid development channel, and the industrial prosperity continues to rise. Offshore wind power is an important part of renewable energy. In recent years, with the introduction of large offshore wind turbines, the cost of offshore wind power continues to decline, and the industry is gradually expanding from mature European markets to North America, Asia and other regions. According to the statistics of relevant institutions, the compound growth rate of European offshore wind power installed capacity in the next five years is about 10%, with an average annual new installed capacity of 3gw; The compound growth rate in the United States is over 20%, with an average annual new installed capacity of 2gw; The compound growth rate in the Asia Pacific region reached 35%, with an average new installed capacity of 4gw. Zhenjiang Co., Ltd., the supplier of core components of wind turbines, is mainly recommended. 1) Zhenjiang Co., Ltd. occupies an oligopoly of offshore wind turbine customers, and sends the angular displacement signal to the computer for data processing. The core industry chain resources are sufficient on hand, with high performance certainty and sustainability; 2) The number of major customers and the expansion of business categories have entered an accelerated period, and the future performance flexibility is expected; 3) The pressure of exchange rate and steel price eased, further thickening the company's performance. The company's export business accounts for a large proportion, mainly priced in US dollars. The weakening of the RMB will greatly alleviate the pressure on the company's performance. At the same time, the cost of steel in the company's products accounts for a high proportion, especially in the photovoltaic business. The steel price continues to fall, which is expected to bring greater flexibility to the performance next year

[Rail Transit Industry & thinking train control] the investment in the rail transit industry will remain high in the future. The railway fixed asset investment represented by high-speed rail will still be 800 billion. 2019-2020 is the peak window of urban rail transit traffic represented by subway. As far as the railway industry is concerned, the high-level elasticity of the overall investment in the industry is limited. With the expansion of the stock market of locomotive and rolling stock, whether it is the advanced maintenance market of the bullet train system or the market after the maintenance and replacement of the locomotives in the whole railway section, this batch of joints will be judged as unqualified products, which is the most elastic part of the rail transit segment. The overall investment in the long-term industry of the automotive industry chain will remain high in the next three years, and the market boom will be upward after segmentation. Thinking train control is the pioneer of domestic locomotive LKJ train control system, and the promotion time window of the new generation LKJ train control system is approaching. At present, we are strongly optimistic about the three core logics of thinking train control: the first is the industry logic. The investment in railway fixed assets in the industry will remain high, and the market trend will be upward after renewal, replacement and maintenance in the next three years; The second is the company's new generation LKJ train control system update and replacement logic. The total volume of the stock market and the new market has expanded. Compared with the price, the cr929 aircraft body structure will adopt composite materials in a large area in the old equipment, which has great flexibility, and both volume and price contribute to the company's high flexibility in performance; The third is the extension logic of the acquisition of blue letter technology. The acquisition of blue letter technology is the embodiment of the company's high-speed rail strategy, the synergy in the future appears, and the company's performance is thickened

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