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The machinery industry continued to be depressed, why did agricultural machinery rise against the trend?

the machinery industry continued to be depressed, why did agricultural machinery rise against the trend?

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China's machinery industry continued to fall last year, and all indicators were running at a low level. However, the agricultural machinery industry has bucked the trend and performed well

the machinery industry continued to be depressed, why did agricultural machinery rise against the trend

in 2015, the profit of the national machinery industry increased by only 1.18%. Among them, the profit of construction machinery increased by 32.63%, the profit of internal combustion engine increased by 17.34%, and the profit of automobile increased by 2.6%. In sharp contrast, the profit of agricultural machinery increased by 9.25% year-on-year

in the continuous downturn of the whole machinery industry, why can the agricultural machinery industry with weak profitability and low-speed growth achieve good performance in 2015? Where will the agricultural machinery industry go in 2016 and even in the future

the agricultural machinery industry performed well.

the latest statistical data provided by the China Association of agricultural machinery industry showed that in January 2015, agricultural machinery enterprises above Designated Size achieved a profit of 22.3 billion yuan, an increase of 9.25% year-on-year, nearly 7 percentage points higher than the profit growth of 2.67% last year, and also higher than the main business income growth of 7.71% in the same period

not only that, in the whole machinery industry, the profit growth of agricultural machinery industry is also higher than that of other industries. In 2015, the profit of the national machinery industry increased by 1.18%. Among them, the profit of construction machinery increased by -32.63%, the profit of internal combustion engine increased by -17.34%, and the profit of automobile increased by -2.6%

in this regard, Ning Xuegui, Deputy Secretary General of the China Association of agricultural machinery industry, believes that this is driven by both external factors of the economic downturn and internal factors in the industry. The first is the opportunities brought by the macroeconomic environment. The economic downturn in 2015 led to the continuous price reduction of steel, oil, rubber and other means of production, reducing the manufacturing costs of enterprises. The central bank began to cut interest rates in November 2014. The benchmark one-year lending rate of banks fell from 6% to 4.35%, and corporate financial expenses fell

in Ning Xuegui's view, the impact of lower raw material prices and bank interest rates on different industries is very different. It has little impact on industries with serious overcapacity and sluggish market demand such as construction machinery. The agricultural machinery industry is a sunrise industry. The market rigid demand is still there, the enterprise prosperity index is rising, the enterprise cash flow is good, the financing is controllable, and the farmland utilization experiment of full biodegradable film has been preliminarily successful. The environment is relatively loose, which makes the prying effect of interest leverage prominent

secondly, the pull of the purchase subsidy policy also has a significant impact on the efficiency improvement of agricultural machinery enterprises. In 2015, agricultural machinery purchase subsidies implemented measures such as independent purchase of machinery, open subsidies, decoupling of subsidy 490.3 from the promotion catalogue, and subsidies after purchase of machinery. By improving the efficiency of subsidy policies, they improved the financial security of enterprises, shortened the settlement cycle, reduced subsidy work costs, and improved the profitability of manufacturing and sales enterprises

Ning Xuegui takes Shandong, a major agricultural province, as an example. On November 30, 2014, the settlement ratio of purchase subsidy funds in Shandong Province was 66.13%; On November 16, 2015, the capital settlement proportion of Shandong Province increased to 69.26%; As of December 17, 2015, the capital settlement proportion of Shandong Province has reached 93.36%. Due to the accelerated settlement of subsidy funds, the capital turnover of agricultural machinery enterprises in Shandong Province has accelerated and the benefits have increased

it is fundamental to adhere to "physical fitness"

however, Ning Xuegui believes that although the external environment plays an obvious role in promoting, the industry's adherence to "physical fitness" is fundamental. The internal factors are the main factors for the agricultural machinery industry to achieve good benefits. Industry upgrading leads to transformation, and accumulation brings progress

first, the proportion of high-end products has increased. In recent years, the backbone enterprises in the industry have increased their efforts in product research and development, strengthened the adjustment of product structure, abandoned the business philosophy of competing for the market at low prices in the past, and attached importance to business quality. According to the data of the National Bureau of statistics, in 2015, the output of small tractors in tractor enterprises decreased by 17.49%, the output of medium tractors increased by 5.59%, and the output of large tractors with more than 100 horsepower increased by 30%

second, intelligent manufacturing improves production efficiency. Since 2012, the agricultural machinery industry has continued to promote the upgrading of digital manufacturing and parts industry, and the equipment level and manufacturing capacity of the whole industry have been significantly improved. According to Chen Yi, deputy general manager of Han's laser in Shenzhen, its sales performance in the agricultural machinery industry has increased by an average of 60% annually since 2013, far ahead of the growth performance of other machinery industries

third, the market price of agricultural machinery products is stable. Due to the strong market demand, in addition to walking tractors, small tractors with less than 25 horsepower, simple seeders and other small agricultural machinery with overcapacity, the sales prices of grain dryers, silage harvesters, precision seeders and other agricultural machinery products remain stable

fourth, improve product quality and reduce service costs. In recent years, the industry has significantly improved the consistency of product manufacturing through the improvement of equipment capacity and control capacity. With the improvement of the quality of agricultural machinery products, the costs caused by product recall, excessive supply of spare parts, and over allocation of three guarantee service personnel have decreased significantly

fifth, the service ability of dealers is improved. On the one hand, the failure rate of manufacturing enterprises' products is declining, on the other hand, the service ability of dealers is improving, which makes it possible and trend for the normalized supply of accessories in today's era of franchised sales service, entrusted dealers for after-sales service, zero changes, and excessive information of Beijing lampblack purifier, which not only improves the quality and agility of after-sales service of agricultural machinery products, but also continuously reduces after-sales service costs, Enable manufacturing enterprises to obtain more profits

the future will enter a period of in-depth adjustment

can the excellent performance of the agricultural machinery industry in 2015 be sustained? Where will 2016 and even the future go? In this regard, Gao Yuanen, honorary president of China Association of agricultural machinery industry, believes that although the agricultural machinery industry has achieved good results in 2015, the agricultural machinery market is facing a severe situation this year, and the industry is facing many uncertain factors. The agricultural machinery industry will enter a period of in-depth adjustment, and agricultural machinery enterprises should be prepared to live a hard life

Gao Yuanen said that at present, China's agriculture is facing two "ceilings" of raising prices and increasing subsidies, as well as two "shackles" of ecological environment and resource factors. To realize the sustainable development of agriculture, we can only promote the transformation of agricultural development mode and accelerate agricultural modernization. Specifically, China's agriculture is facing three major problems: high inventory, upside down prices of agricultural products at home and abroad, and farmers' difficulty in increasing production and income, which will be bad for the agricultural machinery market and further intensify the adjustment of the agricultural machinery industry. Agricultural machinery enterprises should pay attention to the changed policies and markets, adjust coping strategies and control risks in time

for the future of the agricultural machinery industry, Gao Yuanen believes that "the future is bright". In the proposal draft of the 13th five year plan, the central government clearly proposed that we should vigorously promote agricultural modernization, accelerate the transformation of agricultural development mode, focus on the construction of modern agricultural management system, production system and industrial system, strive to transform agricultural management mode, production mode, resource utilization mode and management mode, shift from extensive management relying on resource consumption to sustainable development, and take a path of efficient output, product safety A resource-saving and environment-friendly modern agricultural development path

"agricultural modernization is inseparable from agricultural machinery. Only intelligent, efficient and green agricultural equipment can further improve the quality, efficiency and competitiveness of agriculture and realize agricultural modernization. Precisely because agricultural machinery is so important, the state attaches great importance to the agricultural machinery industry, which can be proved by the inclusion of agricultural machinery as a key development field in 'made in China 2025'." Gao Yuanen said that at present, the national preheating device: cable core preheating is necessary for insulation extrusion and sheath extrusion. The national development and Reform Commission is issuing special development plans for six major industries to support the agricultural machinery industry. Therefore, after adjustment and improvement, the agricultural machinery industry will have a better prospect, and there must be a larger market waiting for us. The agricultural machinery industry has a bright future

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