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High quality development of Jiangsu Machinery Industry and rapid rise of manufacturing industry recently, Jiangsu machinery industry promoted high-quality development and the second member congress of the second session of the Provincial Machinery Industry Association was held in Suzhou. Since 2017, the machinery and equipment manufacturing industry in Jiangsu Province has deeply implemented the innovation driven development strategy, vigorously promoted high-quality development, actively transformed and upgraded traditional industries, continuously accelerated the pace of industrial transformation and upgrading, significantly expanded the emerging kinetic energy, developed rapidly the intelligent manufacturing industry, and the whole industry showed a good trend of "stable and good"

The purpose of the meeting is to thoroughly implement the guiding opinions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on carrying out quality improvement actions, mobilize the whole industry to emancipate the mind, compare standards and find differences, and take strong measures to promote the high-quality development of the machinery industry in Jiangsu Province in accordance with the requirements of the Central Committee and the Jiangsu provincial Party committee and government on the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry

count the new development trend of Jiangsu Machinery Industry

Jiangsu is a major province in China's machinery manufacturing industry, and its economic aggregate has ranked first in the country for many years. In 2017, there were 14138 Enterprises above Designated Size in the machinery industry in the province, with a main business income of 4206.48 billion yuan, an increase of 9.5% year-on-year; The total asset value was 3525.11 billion yuan, an increase of 8.7% year-on-year; The net amount of accounts receivable was 796.37 billion yuan, an increase of 9.1% year-on-year; The finished products were 166.23 billion yuan, an increase of 13.2% year-on-year; The total profit was 322.07 billion yuan, an increase of 10.5% year-on-year; The current price output value and export delivery value increased by 10.9% and 8.4% respectively; Investment growth picked up, with investment in aerospace manufacturing, instrument and meter manufacturing, general equipment manufacturing and automobile manufacturing increasing by 24.3%, 14.1%, 13.6% and 12.1% respectively. In 2017, the added value of industries above Designated Size in the province increased by 7.5% over the previous year, and the added value of equipment manufacturing increased by 9.5%. The advanced manufacturing industry developed rapidly. The added value of special equipment manufacturing increased by 15.1%, electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing increased by 11.7%, general equipment manufacturing increased by 11.4%, and computer, communication and other electronic equipment manufacturing increased by 11.9%. The output value of high-tech industries and strategic emerging industries increased by 14.4% and 13.6% respectively. Many of the growth rates were in the double digits

the industry's innovation ability has been continuously enhanced

since 2017, the Jiangsu provincial Party committee and provincial government have held the provincial Manufacturing Conference from a strategic height, held the world Intelligent Manufacturing Conference and the world IOT Expo, formulated and implemented policies and measures such as "advanced manufacturing revitalizing the real economy", "building a strong province with intellectual property rights" and "40 scientific and technological innovations", and actively promoted the construction of an internationally competitive advanced manufacturing industry base, Accelerated the pace of innovation and development of the machinery industry in the province

some equipment in Jiangsu Province is world leading. The largest cutter suction dredger in Asia, "Tian Kun", independently designed and built by China, was successfully launched in Qidong City, our province. This product can realize automatic dredging and automatic monitoring. It greatly improves the operation efficiency and is suitable for dredging coastal and far-reaching port channels and reclaiming land from the sea. It is known as the "artifact of making islands". The hydraulic multi-channel valve and myf200 new electronic control gearbox developed by the group broke the global monopoly of foreign capital; The world's first eight axle xca1200 developed by Xuzhou Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is an all terrain crane with the strongest performance and the highest scientific and technological content launched by domestic brands, and has won the gold medal in the provincial industrial design product competition. The last stage moving blade of the world's longest 74 inch nuclear power turbine manufactured by Wuxi turbine blade company is a key component of the low-pressure module of the nuclear power turbine. The product successfully passed the dynamic frequency modulation test, reflecting the enterprise's strong process research and development and manufacturing capabilities. Jiangsu Tianming equipment has successfully developed the world's first complete set of intelligent scraper conveyor equipment for 8.8-meter high mining face. With the new materials released by formlabs this time, customized earplugs have been printed. They are intelligent, high-power, high-yield, low energy consumption, less maintenance and other characteristics, and are known as "the Pearl on the crown of national high-end coal machinery equipment". Hengtong group completed the test of submarine optical cable in 5000 meters of water depth, breaking the foreign monopoly at one stroke and becoming one of the few companies that master this technology in the world; The company also developed a single jointless 220kV submarine cable with a length of 30.2km, setting the world record for the longest cable model. The world's first 50000 kW gas turbine, jointly built by Nanjing turbine and electric company and Ge, was successfully ignited in Guilin, realized and operated, thus opening the world's first application of the gas turbine

intelligent manufacturing is rising rapidly. In 2017, the scale of Jiangsu intelligent manufacturing equipment industry exceeded 500 billion yuan. The industrial chain of intelligent manufacturing equipment such as industrial robots, high-end numerical control machine tools, digital production lines, intelligent complete sets of equipment, new sensors, intelligent control systems, intelligent instruments and meters has been gradually improved, and Xuzhou Construction Machinery, Nanjing Easton automation, Jiangsu Hengli hydraulic, Bozhong Seiko, Tianqi automation, Nari Jibao, Yang Li group Wuxi leading intelligent equipment, Jiangsu Science and Technology Bank environmental protection technology, Nantong COSCO Kawasaki and a large number of intelligent manufacturing equipment pacesetters with strong industry competitiveness. Wuxi leading intelligent equipment cooperates with IBM to establish the "leading cloud" and big data center, and integrates the application of the digital collaborative design platform, so that the design is efficient and collaborative, and the factory production is intelligent. Jiangsu Science and Technology Bank environmental protection technology has realized the transformation and upgrading from the traditional equipment manufacturing industry to "equipment manufacturing + remote maintenance + Intelligent Maintenance" and "equipment full life cycle operation services". The "pilot demonstration of intelligent manufacturing of high-end fluid control and actuator" of XCMG hydraulic parts and the "pilot demonstration of intelligent manufacturing of power equipment" of Beijing Guodian nanzidian automation company, which plays a protective role, have been listed as the pilot demonstration projects of intelligent manufacturing of the Ministry of industry and information technology; Projects such as XCMG group's "XCMG industrial cloud platform construction" and Nantong COSCO Kawasaki company's "9. Intelligent shipyard construction with high cost performance and high reliability based on quantitative deep integration" were selected into the pilot demonstration project of manufacturing and interconnection integration of the Ministry of industry and information technology; Sino German (Taicang) intelligent manufacturing cooperation innovation park was selected for German intelligent manufacturing cooperation pilot demonstration. There are more than 50 robot development enterprises in the province, which have successfully developed a batch of first sets of major equipment, such as industrial robot automation system, large component robot welding system, high-speed robot intelligent packaging equipment, heavy truss manipulator, etc., filling the domestic gap

creating new advantages for high-quality development

promoting high-quality development is the foundation of strengthening the country, the foundation of business and the strategy of enterprise transformation and upgrading

effectively strengthen the construction of scientific and technological innovation capacity. Innovation is the first driving force to lead the development of manufacturing industry and the strategic support of a constructive economic system. At present, the phenomenon of insufficient independent innovation ability in Jiangsu machinery industry still exists. Compared with the foreign advanced level, there are less large-scale intelligent complete sets of major equipment, and the key core technologies and core basic parts still need to rely on imports. The industry associations should give full play to their own advantages

carry forward the spirit of craftsman and promote brand building. Brand is the comprehensive embodiment of the competitiveness of enterprises and even countries, and represents the upgrading direction of supply structure and demand structure. At present, there is still a certain gap between the variety, quality and brand of products in Jiangsu Machinery Industry and the international advanced level. The machinery industry association should cooperate with the provincial economic and Information Commission, Quality Supervision Bureau and other relevant departments to actively guide enterprises to strengthen quality awareness, encourage enterprises to pursue excellent quality, strengthen the construction of product quality standards and technical standards, create fist products, and improve the brand value and overall image of the equipment manufacturing industry in the whole industry

thoroughly implement the quality improvement implementation plan. Earnestly implement the guiding opinions on carrying out quality improvement actions issued by the Party Central Committee and the State Council, further clarify the overall requirements, key tasks and policy measures for quality improvement, and effectively improve the driving force of industry innovation. For the project of improving the competitiveness of benchmarking equipment manufacturing, we should give full play to the organization and driving role of industry associations, pay attention to improving the product performance of core basic parts (components) and key basic materials, promote the application of advanced manufacturing technology, strengthen the research and application of measurement and testing technology, and realize the coordinated development of key materials, core parts, complete machines and systems

Jiangsu machinery industry will also seize the opportunity to give full play to the role of informatization in promoting the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, deeply implement the enterprise interconnection promotion plan, use modern technologies such as mutual transmittance up to 92%, big data, artificial intelligence, deepen the integrated application of industrial cloud, big data and other technologies, and promote the transformation of new R & D, production, management and service modes. We have sufficient confidence, patience and strong determination to carry out independent innovation and promote the rapid growth of emerging industries such as industrial robots, additive manufacturing and industrial sensors


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