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Machinery industry: infrastructure investment has been gradually implemented, and the downstream of PPP projects or centralized construction machinery has indeed improved

Machinery Industry: infrastructure investment has been gradually implemented, and the downstream of PPP projects or centralized construction machinery has indeed improved

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excess currency has indeed flowed into infrastructure investment. Since September 2015, the growth rate of M2 has gradually increased, while the growth rate of infrastructure has also improved slightly. We use the indicator (M2 growth rate - infrastructure investment growth rate) to describe whether the over issued currency flows into infrastructure investment. It is found that this indicator has shown signs of improvement since September 2015. The current trend of placing profiles in two-component metering mixers is very similar to the two stages of August 2007 March 2008 and July 2010 April 2012, both of which have seen significant fiscal stimulus to infrastructure, The stock market of construction machinery sector also rose significantly at the relevant time point. According to the report of China Construction Machinery in March, the infrastructure investment in 2016 may be 2.6 trillion. In the previous "two sessions", Premier Keqiang also mentioned that the investment in railway will not be less than 800 billion

the external environment is favorable for the government to stimulate infrastructure investment. At present, the interest rate environment is relatively loose, which provides a favorable external environment for the government to really start lending to stimulate infrastructure. From the perspective of time window, considering that after reading the above introduction in the second half of 2016, I don't know whether you have a new understanding of how to choose the good and bad Rally machine, especially around the third quarter, the Federal Reserve is likely to raise interest rates. In order to maintain the stability of the RMB exchange rate, the government's attitude towards interest rates may be stricter than at present, and the central bank will also consider the 3% CPI ceiling in the third quarter, Therefore, we guess that the current is the window period when the government may vigorously implement the infrastructure stimulus policy

the downstream industry recovers, and PPP projects may be built intensively. We analyzed the cement sales volume closely related to infrastructure and the orders of large infrastructure companies since 2016, and found that since 2016, the new orders signed by large infrastructure companies represented by PowerChina have significantly improved, and according to the bulk commodity data of business society, the demand for water sludge also showed an upward trend in March. Through the PPP publicity platform of the Ministry of finance, the newly signed PPP projects around September 2015 and 2016 have been intensively publicized since 2016, indicating that the construction of regional projects with more PPP projects signed in the early stage is warming

construction machinery leasing service providers have priority to benefit, but equipment manufacturers need to observe. If our logic of gradually starting downstream infrastructure projects is established, construction machinery and equipment leasing service providers will benefit first. However, due to the constraints of dealers' inventory and equipment ownership, whether the equipment manufacturers will benefit immediately needs to be observed

from the loan to the commencement of general infrastructure projects, it takes a conduction time for the mobilization and construction of a series of engineering machinery such as automatic pile drivers, earthwork machines, concrete machines, tower cranes and so on. From the downstream point of view, the equipment rental utilization rate of many rental service providers in September has significantly increased year-on-year in 2015, indicating that the fiscal stimulus policy since September 2015 is gradually being implemented, and the exhibition has been successfully held for 15 times since 1990, However, construction machinery leasing service providers are more flexible because they have no constraints on production capacity and inventory. Therefore, we suggest to pay attention to the leading enterprises of construction machinery service providers and acquire pangyuan leasing *st construction machinery

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