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Wenzhou: machinery industry cluster shows advantages

due to the cluster advantages of Wenzhou machinery industry, recently, the China Machinery Industry Federation decided to hold the "China" Wardle international machinery equipment supporting and parts exhibition "in our city in October this year, and intends to move the permanent venue from Beijing to Wenzhou

Wenzhou machinery industry, with a high degree of agglomeration, has formed 11 national characteristic industrial bases. Such as: the capital of China's electrical appliances, the hometown of China's pumps and valves, China's electronic components industry base, China's precision mold production base, China's automobile and motorcycle parts capital, China's packaging machinery City, etc. In addition, special machinery and equipment such as printing machinery, pharmaceutical machinery, shoe and leather machinery, and general machinery and equipment such as fasteners, bearings, reducers, have a considerable production scale and share in the national market. Last year, Wenzhou's machinery industry achieved a total industrial output value of 158.43 billion yuan, accounting for 38.3% of the city's total industrial output value and 61.1% of the city's heavy industrial output value

According to chenqiurong, executive chairman of Wenzhou Machinery Industry Federation, there are more than 1500 manufacturing enterprises in the electrical industry in the city's machinery industry, with a total output value of 45.8 billion yuan in 2006. The market share of circuit breakers, contactors and relays is more than 60%. The industry now has 14 Chinese well-known trademarks, 13 Chinese famous brand products and 31 national inspection free products

there are about 3000 automobile and motorcycle parts manufacturing enterprises in the city, with a total output value of about 32 billion yuan in 2006. The product varieties are divided into eight categories and more than 4000 series. In recent years, high-tech products that have been developed or are being developed include automobile engines, motorcycle DD engines, EFI systems, etc. In addition to accessories, Genting holding group has now produced four series of complete vehicle products, including dump trucks, semi trailers, vans and tankers. Zhejiang sidani Auto Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. produces beach bikes, and Lifeng group, Chunfeng and Xingfu also produce motorcycles on a considerable scale

Wenzhou pump and valve manufacturer the company acquired about 1800 plastic composite business enterprises of rhetech Inc for us $112 million, producing 14 series of 40000 specification pump and valve products, with a domestic market share of 21%. In 2006, the industry output value reached 26billion yuan. There are also construction machinery, tanning machinery, clothing machinery, food and pharmaceutical machinery, printing and packaging machinery, plastic machinery and other special equipment manufacturing industries, which have also formed a certain industrial scale in Wenzhou, and the technology and quality level have been gradually improved. In 2006, the output value of special machinery industry was about 15billion yuan. Aluminum plastic packaging machines, plastic film blowing machines and other products occupy more than 50% of the domestic market

with the continuous expansion of production bases of some enterprises, the agglomeration advantage of machinery industry in our city is more obvious. For example, through investment, mergers and acquisitions, technological transformation and other means, renben group has formed nine bearing production bases in Zhejiang, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Sichuan and other places, and more than 30 bearing finished products and accessories manufacturing enterprises. The annual production of bearings has reached more than 300 million sets, ranking first in the scale and benefits of the same industry in China

in addition, a number of small and medium-sized enterprises in our city have also shown a new trend of industrial agglomeration after structural adjustment, reorganization and combination. The industrial agglomeration formed by the integration of the electroplating industry through the construction of electroplating parks not only benefits the enterprises themselves, but also reduces emissions when the temperature is greatly affected due to centralized sewage discharge, which is of great benefit to the whole society

Nan Cunhui, President of Wenzhou Machinery Industry Federation, said that in the process of a new round of economic development, Wenzhou machinery industry has actively adjusted its industrial structure, promoted industrial clusters, increased investment in science and technology, and developed high-tech products, resulting in a gratifying situation of "bright spots of independent innovation", "fruitful achievements in brand strategy" and "sustained economic growth", It also enables the machinery industry to maintain a good development trend of inferring the maximum temperature that materials can withstand in 100000 hours, thus occupying an important position in the economic pattern of Wenzhou

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