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Wenzhou machinery industry is in line with the machine tool exhibition

when the global economy stabilizes and returns to the long term, it can reduce the cost of products by 20% ⑶ 0%, Wenzhou machinery industry ushered in another grand event - "the 17th China (Wenzhou) The machine tool, tooling and plastic industry exhibition was held at Wenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center on the morning of March 12, 2010

the exhibition is known as one of the machinery professional exhibitions with the largest scale, the largest number of products and the widest influence in Zhejiang Province. Over the past 17 years, with the careful operation of the exhibition organizing committee, the influence of the exhibition has increased day by day. This year, the number of booths exceeded 800, the number of exhibitors increased by 32% year on year, and the exhibition area reached 30000 square meters, a record high. More than 400 enterprises from Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, the United States, Japan, South Korea and China, which should be supplied according to the agreement according to the user's requirements, participated in the exhibition

the mold exhibition group organized by Wenzhou Mold Association is the first time to appear in Wenzhou machine tool and plastic exhibition in a unified image, which has become a highlight of this exhibition. The uniformly decorated mold exhibition area has a distinctive image, which is very prominent in hall 5 (plastic and machine tool Hall). The brand-new image attracted many visitors on the first day of the exhibition. According to Mr. Ma of Wenzhou Mold Association, this time Wenzhou mold enterprises appeared in the Wenzhou machine tool and plastic exhibition with a unified image, mainly to build Wenzhou regional brands, comprehensively display the advantages of Wenzhou mold products in technology, price and other aspects at the exhibition, launch the industrial characteristics, attract the attention of customers, and seek some new business opportunities at the exhibition as well as breakthroughs in opening domestic and foreign markets. The mold exhibition area of this exhibition presents four characteristics: first, the number of exhibitors has increased a lot compared with last year; Engel's ecodrive system uses variable displacement pumps and fixed displacement pumps driven by servomotors. Second, the exhibits are relatively high-end, which are refined, new and advanced products; Third, the "forum for scientific development of Wenzhou mold industry" was held at the same time, and people from all walks of life in the industry conspired for the development of the mold industry at the exhibition site; Fourth, the audience is highly professional and has reached the principle of long-term cooperation with our company. Many visitors came to the exhibition site to look for mold suppliers to seek cooperation

it is reported that the three-day exhibition will provide the most comprehensive and efficient business platform for Wenzhou machinery industry. People from all walks of life in the machinery industry and those who are interested in machine tools and plastics exhibitions are expected to actively participate in the exhibition, visit and purchase. At the exhibition site, there are activities such as "free viewing and winning gifts" lottery to give back to our customers. Welcome to Wenzhou machine tool plastic exhibition

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