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Shanghai Kuanxin Freight Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Kuanxin Freight Co., Ltd. has many transportation vehicles of various types, and is equipped with GPS tracking system and compartment door switch induction system, which can fully grasp the running track of vehicles and the loading and unloading status of goods, so as to ensure the safety of goods

the company has skilled drivers and loading and unloading personnel, who have been delivering goods to major electronic factories for a long time, and are familiar with the receiving process of major electronic factories, such as Compal, Wistron, Guangda, Yingyeda, Weimeng, Shenda, Huayu, ASUS, Caijing, Samsung, Sony, Kodak and HP. At the same time, the company has established good cooperative relations with many international freight forwarding companies (1) steel bars should be inspected and accepted by batches, providing them with distribution services in surrounding areas, and equipped with professionals to engage in airport pick-up or delivery warehousing services

in addition, the company has also established an extensive transportation alliance with other transportation enterprises, forming a huge transportation network to undertake the transportation of bulk goods, complete vehicles and less than carload goods all over the country. The transportation area covers all major, medium and small cities across the country, forming a relatively complete national logistics network to provide customers with all-round transportation services

Company Name: Shanghai Kuanxin Freight Co., Ltd.

Company Address: Room 302, No. 15, building C, Lane 4226, Duzhuang Road, Shanghai

postal code: 201108



email: service@

OA as lever

International Freight: room 400, No. 700, Liyuan Road, Shanghai

postal code: 200023

telephone: 021-5 when the structure body has defects, 5. The investment in fixed assets is not less than 2billion yuan

Fax: 021-

contact: Mr. Zhang

email: service@

Kunshan address: No. 98 Xinhe Road, Kunshan City

postal code: 215300



contact: Mr. Wu

email: service@

note: please do not disturb the sales agent, and the company does not need this service

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