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Panasonic appliances (China) Co., Ltd.

Panasonic appliances (China) Co., Ltd., Panasonic, the top ten digital camera brands, the top ten home appliance appliance brands, the world's top 500, one of Japan's most famous electronic product manufacturers, and the world's famous international comprehensive electronic technology enterprise group. Panasonic Panasonic is one of the world's largest electronic manufacturers in the fields of home appliances, digital audio-visual electronics, office products and so on. Panasonic unifies the global brand into Panasonic, and takes "Panasonic ideas for life" as the brand slogan, takes "realizing a dotted network society" and "coexisting with the earth's environment" as the corporate vision, and constantly provides you with high-tech environmental protection products in a wide range of fields, from video and audio equipment to information and communication tools, from household appliances to components, Make your life more rich and wonderful

Panasonic electric was founded in 1918 by Mr. Matsushita Yukiko, who is known as the "God of management". At the beginning, it was a small workshop composed of three people. After the efforts of several generations, it has now become a world-famous international comprehensive electronic technology enterprise group

Panasonic products mainly focus on digital audio-visual, small household appliances, office products, household appliances, and professional equipment in special fields in civil use. At present, Panasonic has more than 70 civil products, such as electric toothbrushes and razors, ranging from radio and television equipment, such as plasma TVs, LCD TVs, digital rear projection, flat screen TVs, digital video cameras, digital cameras, DVD recorders, desktop DVDs, portable DVDs, mini stereos, video recorders, etc

Panasonic ranked 89th in the 2006 world brand 500 list compiled by the world brand lab, and 59th in the 2007 Fortune 500 largest companies in the world, making the "x2" indicator light on

Panasonic is also proud of its number of patents and strong self-development ability. The utilization rate of its own components of household appliances is as high as% or more

its notebook Toughbook and virea TV, which are not launched in the mainland, have a good reputation in Japan

Panasonic is the first Japanese manufacturer to sell more than 100million units. P905i and p906i are popular in Japan

brand slogan Panasonic ideas for life

Panasonic has launched the brand logo of "Panasonic ideas for life" to the world. "Ideas for life" means "to provide valuable ideas for creating a colorful life and an advanced and beautiful society through research, development, production, sales and service by employees all over the world"

panasonic creates "creativity" that makes life colorful. Provide people around the world with tomorrow's lifestyle. According to different display and control modes, the cupping experimental machine of Jinan experimental machine factory can be divided into digital display model and microcomputer controlled model, which will continue to make contributions to the future of the earth and the development of society. Our mission of Panasonic is to pay close attention to people's daily life and create "ideas" that reflect the changes of the times. Through products and services, we provide "ideas from the perspective of customers", "ideas that are useful", "ideas that bring surprises and discoveries", "ideas that make people happy", "new ideas", "interesting ideas" and so on, and all kinds of valuable "ideas" that accompany customers all their lives

The business of Panasonic group in Chinese Mainland began in 1978. Over the past 30 years, the business scale of our group in China has grown day by day. From the initial provision of TV sets, refrigerators and other household electrical appliances to the Chinese market and the provision of production equipment and technology to Chinese enterprises, R & D, manufacturing, sales and service-oriented enterprises have been established in Chinese Mainland and Hong Kong

Panasonic electrical appliances spans regions and society, and carries out enterprise activities in more than 40 countries. The scope of its enterprise activities is not limited to production, but also carries out a variety of businesses including solutions such as services and information systems. In addition, we are carrying out product manufacturing and customer-oriented business activities that respond to market demand in a timely manner all over the world. More importantly, in order to meet the needs of customers in various countries, move the focus to the required speed by using the direction key previously set in Japan. Press the confirm key to move the unified management organization of the district to Beijing, Singapore, New Jersey, London and other places respectively, and carry out market marketing activities directly locally. Matsushita Electric Co., Ltd. believes that as a real international enterprise, it has always carried out global activities based on customers and made contributions to the society

panasonic's goal is to become an environmental innovation enterprise of No.1 in the electronics industry when the company celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2018

we place the concept of environment at the core of all business activities, lead the "green revolution" rising all over the world, and create a better tomorrow for the world

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