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Anqin technology interactive touch tablet computer PPC

Anqin Technology launched interactive touch tablet computer ppc-15/17 series products, which won the affirmation of Taiwan boutique award, once again showing the professionalism and strength of Anqin in product R & D and manufacturing and system integration

Taiwan boutique award is sponsored by the International Trade Bureau of the Ministry of economic affairs of Taiwan and implemented by the foreign trade association. It is the most authoritative and credible award in Taiwan, attracting many manufacturers to compete for more than thousands of products every year. The participating products must be strictly reviewed, including research and development, design, quality and marketing. Experts and scholars from all walks of life are invited to review them. Only when they meet the standards can they win the affirmation and glory of the boutique award. Anqin technology has participated in the quality award for many years and has been recognized by the general assembly. This year, it participated in the competition with the interactive touch tablet computer ppc-17/15. Relying on its outstanding organization and appearance, stable and excellent hardware performance, elastic modular design, energy saving and low power consumption, this product not only meets the high-quality and stringent requirements of industrial computers, but also takes into account the convenience of users and the trend of world environmental protection, Live up to the expectations and win the award for on-site payment after the meeting

ppc-15/17 interactive touch tablet computer

ppc-15/17 series products are rare solutions in the industrial computer market that can take high-strength plastic material as the shell and give consideration to system stability, efficiency, heat dissipation and normal operation in harsh environments. This product is equipped with a low-power Intel Atom d2550 dual core processor and supports a variety of expansion interfaces. The mechanism design also reserves elastic space for users to install card readers, card swiping machines and other components. Considering the convenience of maintenance and system upgrade, ppc-15/17 series products adopt modular design, which can quickly integrate various modules, such as WiFi, RFID, Bluetooth, etc. through the intimate mechanism design, it can not only quickly disassemble the chassis, but also quickly replace the maintenance hard disk by the maintenance cover at the rear of the machine. Effectively reduce maintenance costs. Adopting exclusive advanced heat conduction technology and using high-cost and efficient heat pipe (heatpipe) to replace the traditional heat sink can more effectively solve the heat dissipation problem and improve the system efficiency

achieve customers wholeheartedly

Anqin has been deeply engaged in the field of industrial computers for many years, committed to providing the most competitive products and solutions in the market, and caring for and listening to the needs of customers is the reason why our products can win the trust of customers and the market. And this effort and persistence also made us stand out in this boutique award. In the future, Anqin will continue to devote itself to R & D and manufacturing, provide customers with high-quality and high-level products and services, and make continuous efforts and progress, because the dynamometer is also classified according to the largest force value applicable to the structure and samples of a UTM experimental machine. It is our unchanging commitment to achieve customers wholeheartedly

ppc-15/17 interactive touch tablet computer product features

15/17 Inch Touch 1 First, check the tension machine computer screen

Intel Atom d2550 dual core low-power CPU

Gigabit Ethernet sound effect, horn x2

1 CF, 2 com, @ USB, 1 Mini PCI

wide voltage input +12v~+28v ERP power management

fanless design, VESA 100 standard installation

programmable membrane waterproof keys

IP-65 waterproof and dustproof specifications

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