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On November 4, 2012, XGMA appeared in the Dubai comprehensive exhibition Big5 International Construction Exhibition. The exhibition is the largest construction, equipment and service exhibition in the Middle East, attracting a large number of customers with considerable purchasing power. At the exhibition, XGMA appeared in the outdoor exhibition area of construction machinery with the largest booth, showing

on November 4, 2012, XGMA appeared at Big5 international architectural construction exhibition, a comprehensive exhibition in Dubai. The exhibition is the largest construction, equipment and service exhibition in the Middle East, attracting a large number of customers with considerable purchasing power. At the exhibition, XGMA made its appearance in the outdoor exhibition area of construction machinery by measuring the cross-sectional diameter at two ends of the gauge distance and at two mutually perpendicular directions in the middle, demonstrating its determination to develop in the Middle East

it is reported that XGMA mainly focuses on the boutique exhibition this time, bringing its flagship products, such as xg958 loader, xg825lc excavator, xg6121 roller, xg3240s grader, xg530-dt2 forklift and core components, such as engine, gearbox and drive axle, to the exhibition. On the first day, we received orders for 5 loaders from Tunisian customers and signed contracts on the spot

in particular, exhibit xg530-dt2 is a desert forklift developed by XGMA for the hot and dry desert climate, equipped with two-stage air filter and high exhaust pipe. At present, this product has achieved good market response in Algeria, Saudi Arabia and other places; In addition, xg958 desert loader and xg825lc desert excavator are also XGMA products exclusively for the Middle East. In order to meet the needs of Middle East customers for high-quality and efficient products, XGMA has configured xg958 with Liuzhou ZF drive axle, Parker pump valve and other top-level accessories. According to different environmental characteristics, after XG in other regional markets has been expanded by high-speed enlargers, Ma has also implemented an effective strategy of product re development and design customization to improve and upgrade the product configuration to avoid "acclimatization" of products. For example, the continuous technical improvement and product upgrading of the cold model specially for Russia, the Thai lengthening arm loader, and the Thai CNG excavator have become an important factor for the recognition of the brand and products of XCMG

deputy General Manager Ye of XGMA in charge of the Middle East and Africa market pointed out that XGMA attaches great importance to the overseas market, adheres to the internationalization strategy, invests a lot of manpower and capital, looks for good opportunities to accelerate the internationalization layout, and has formed a certain competitive advantage in key regional markets. Since the beginning of this year, XGMA has made continuous efforts in channel development, opening up new markets in West Africa, DRC, Brazzaville, Angola, Cameroon, Iraq and Zimbabwe, and continuously expanding its sales network to ensure the foundation of sustainable development. Take advantage of the strong influence of big 5 and other exhibitions for many times to find a new channel. A. separate the screw rod from the base, and deeply cultivate the market. In the service sector, XGMA relies on its Dubai subsidiary and Ethiopia subsidiary to realize the forward movement of the service window and shorten the response cycle through a full range of products, accessories and service support

according to statistics, XGMA has the largest sales volume in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Algeria, and has a strong development momentum. Take Saudi Arabia as an example. Up to now, XGMA has signed a number of large orders with local dealers, and has sold more than 700 sets in the local market. The market share ranks first, and the sales volume has increased by 300% year-on-year

XGMA impressed customers in the Middle East with its excellent product quality at big 5. As one of XGMA's main overseas markets, relying on the strong strength of dealers, it has achieved excellent sales performance of motorcycle helmets this year, which has become the epitome of XGMA's internationalization process

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