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The third industrial computer and embedded system exhibition specially launched a series of special reports. I hope that through this special topic, we can have a deeper understanding of our exhibitors and the entire industrial computer and embedded industry, so that more importantly, the security of the system will be greatly affected and we can visit the exhibition more pertinently, Get more useful information on site

when it comes to Dingxing technology, people will be familiar with it in the field of consumer PC, because the computer motherboard of Dingxing technology was once a popular choice in the DIY market. However, in fact, in the field of industrial computers and embedded systems, relying on its profound technical accumulation in the field of consumer PCs, Dingxing technology has successfully transformed from a manufacturer mainly providing boards and cards to a supplier of equipment and solutions mainly providing industrial machines and solutions. All the experimental processes of high stability control have become an important new force in the field of industrial control. Recently, with the launch of a series of heavy innovative products, Dingxing technology is leading the development of the entire embedded industry

innovative new products lead industrial development

the dash remote management technology solution we launched is a breakthrough for mainland enterprises. Talking about the latest products of Dingxing technology, Mr. Xue, deputy general manager of Shenzhen Dingxing Technology Co., Ltd. and general manager of the industrial control business unit, expressed his excitement. This is even a product with referential significance for the whole industry

Mr. Xue explained that the remote management technology that AMD and Intel have been promoting previously relied more on software, but in xuehaipu's view, this is not a truly commercialized remote management technology. The dash technology based on ADM processor launched by Dingxing technology this time is a remote management hardware solution. Its biggest feature is that as long as your machine is powered on, or even does not need to be powered on, you can realize remote maintenance services including software upgrade, driver upgrade, etc., which greatly saves customers' maintenance costs. This is an overall solution for remote management based on hardware and supplemented by software. Moreover, compared with the high price in the past, we have really made the price of this solution commercializable. Facts have also proved that at our recent product promotion conference, this scheme has received great attention from almost all customers

eight screen asynchronous display technology is another innovative technology of Dingxing technology. As more and more industries have a demand for multi screen asynchronous display technology, the teb-m9050 motherboard that Dingxing technology supports eight screen asynchronous independent display is born on demand. Teb-m9050 is a mini itx motherboard using Intel B75 chipset. It supports sandy bridge and ivy bridge CPUs, supports 5-way display, carries 4 USB3.0, PCIe x16 expansion interfaces, supports various peripherals, and can provide excellent solutions for manufacturers in lottery system, self-service, retail system and other industries

it can be said that dash remote management technology and eight screen asynchronous display technology are our exclusive leading technologies in the industry at present. President Xue expressed with pride

since the 1990s,

xuehaipu, deputy general manager of Shenzhen Dingxing Technology Co., Ltd. and general manager of the industrial control business unit

in addition, for the rapid development of cloud computing and data center, Dingxing technology has launched a C226 platform product - tea-n2908 network server. Tea-n2908 is a 2U network server product. It adopts Intel's latest C226 chipset and supports Haswell architecture CPU. It supports up to 24 Gigabit ports and 4 3.5-inch hard disks. It can be widely used in Fortress computers, log storage, IPS, IDS, etc. In the past, Taiwan enterprises basically controlled similar products. Now we launch tea-n2908 network server, which is also a breakthrough

during the 2014 industrial computer and embedded system exhibition held next month, these new products will be displayed on site. Mr. Xue said

as one of Intel's four top partners in mainland China, the strength of Dingxing technology is beyond doubt. At the same time, for Dingxing technology, which is committed to independent research and development, independent innovation and strive to build the core competitiveness of national brands, the launch of this series of innovative products will make it truly walk in the forefront of the industry and lead the development of the whole industry

difficult and successful transformation

we have tried transformation since 2008. Last year was a difficult and successful year for Dingxing technology transformation! President Xue said so. First of all, on the one hand, we started as a single board, and now we are transforming to an equipment supplier mainly providing the whole machine of the industry; At the same time, we are also working hard to cultivate industry users and create customized products and solutions that meet the needs of the industry

it is understood that in the economic downturn and the recession of the entire PC environment, top star technology has risen to the challenge and made efforts in thin client, financial self-service, lottery, network security and other industries to provide users in these industries with industrial machines, successfully achieving the goal of providing industrial machines. Last year, our sales of complete machines accounted for about 70% of our total revenue. Mr. Xue disclosed

doHe 1 generally stipulates that the three hardness test methods of cloth, Rockwell and dimension are suitable for industries and customers, which is the current strategy of Dingxing technology in segmenting industries. Specifically, Dingxing technology will adhere to the strategy of one center and two emphases to deeply cultivate the subdivided industries. The so-called "one center" means that we take lottery, network security and all-in-one financial machines (excluding ATM) as our central industries. At the same time, servers and ATM will be our two future priorities. We hope to have greater development in these two industries. Mr. Xue explained

in fact, with the development of industrial control industry, customers in different sub industries have different demands for products. Customers' demands for industry-specific machines are becoming more and more urgent, and the products used are required to be closely combined with the characteristics of the industry. The segmented industry market is also a blue ocean market. Mr. Xue pointed out that our advantages of customization, high quality, fast delivery and high-quality service just meet the unique requirements of industry customers

2014, on the basis of the successful transformation last year, we will continue to deepen the adjustment of organizational structure, increase software investment, further enhance the added value of products, develop in the direction of providing a package of industrial solutions, and provide our customers with better services from components to complete machines, from hardware to software. Mr. Xue said

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