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Zhejiang Packaging Association Paper Committee held its annual meeting

the first five annual meetings and experience, technology and new product exchange meetings of the paper products packaging Committee in Zhejiang Packaging Association, which was established the earliest, has the widest scope, has the largest total output and has relatively normal activities, were held in Shanshui Hotel in Hangzhou recently. Nearly 100 representatives of paper packaging products manufacturers from all over the province, as well as the Secretary General of relevant local and municipal packaging associations and special guests attended the annual meeting

the meeting heard the report on the work of the paper Committee. According to the list discussed and recommended by the meeting of directors on May 25, five committees were elected. Fang Nengbin, President of Shengda Group, served as the chairman, Mao Weifang, chairman of Ningbo Bafang Group Co., Ltd., and other 16 people served as deputy chairmen, chenjiping, Deputy Secretary General of the Provincial Association for packaging and packaging, and haozhiyi, Secretary General of Hangzhou Association for packaging and packaging, served as deputy secretaries general

old Mr. Huang Shanxiang, a paper industry expert, and chenchengmei, a senior engineer, Secretary General of Zhejiang Paper Industry Association in 2016, were specially invited to make special reports on the current situation and development trend of China's paper packaging industry and the situation analysis of China's paper industry, which attracted the keen attention of the participants. Shengda Group, the "China paper packaging development and production base" and Shangfeng group, the "China paper products nanotechnology application research center", respectively introduced their ideas and Thoughts on implementing enterprise circular economy and the latest process and technology of using nanotechnology to completely utilize papermaking wastewater sludge to regenerate corrugated paper. Dongjing holding group introduced their road of centralized board making and decentralized box making and their achievements in the research and development of paper packaging technology. 5. The compressed air pipeline should be tested for air tightness under working pressure. Maoweifang, President of Ningbo Packaging Association, briefed Ningbo Packaging Association on its long-term work in the city's carton price coordination, as well as its thoughts and suggestions for future work. In addition, Jinan JinShangYi Industrial Co., Ltd., Zhejiang ZHONGSHEN Board Industry Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Aoke computer cutting equipment factory, Daishan Yufeng export packaging Co., Ltd. and Nanjing Tianze Energy Saving Technology Service Co., Ltd. introduced new processes such as concave convex core paperboard, super corrugated honeycomb composite paperboard, CAD/CAM carton computer proofing machine, practical improvement technology of corrugated machine and high temperature condensate recovery technology of carton factory For new products and technologies, if the scope of the recycling team continues to be reduced in the future, it will give many useful inspirations to the participants, and provide information on these new technologies and products, so as to facilitate communication, cooperation and win-win results

the paper committee will continue to provide more useful services for member enterprises. In the second half of the year, relevant enterprises will be organized to visit and study and hold professional and technical training, hoping to get the attention and participation of member units. (source: Packaging News)

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