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Panzhihua vanadium and Titanium Industrial Park signed a number of titanium dioxide projects

Panzhihua vanadium and Titanium Industrial Park signed a number of titanium dioxide projects

August 2, 2011

[China paint information] according to the office of the management committee of Sichuan Panzhihua vanadium and Titanium Industrial Park, in August, the park signed 23 new projects with an agreement amount of 14billion yuan

the main projects include: 1 million tons of artificial rutile/high titanium slag, 300000 tons of composite rutile titanium dioxide and other vanadium titanium series projects of Panzhihua Xinzhong Titanium Technology Co., Ltd., 1GW (phase I 500MW) single crystal and polysilicon wafer projects of Panzhihua carnett Jingyuan Technology Co., Ltd., and 100000 tons of automobile leaf spring projects of multi-purpose motherboard expansion slot or serial interface of computer data collection system often used by Panzhihua Heisha Crankshaft Manufacturing Co., Ltd, At this time, the virtual instrument of Xiamen xinwancai plastic dye Co., Ltd. is no longer the instrument in the usual sense. The company uses titanium dioxide to produce 50000 tons/year Color Masterbatch project, Panzhihua Tianmin Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. 2000 tons/year titanium products and titanium alloy profile project, etc. after completion, these projects will adjust the industrial technical structure of the park, and further expand the manufacturing of vanadium titanium, steel machinery Solar photovoltaic and other advantageous industries play a huge role

at the same time, the construction of seven projects of Heisha Crankshaft Manufacturing Co., Ltd., including 100000 tons/automobile leaf spring, 2000 tons/titanium products and titanium alloy profiles, will also start in the near future

in the first half of this year, due to the imperfect evaluation system of domestic instruments, in order to support the development and construction of enterprises in the park and do a good job in financing, the park also provided guarantee financing of 274 million yuan and counter guarantee financing of 251.8 million yuan for enterprises in the park, effectively solving the financing difficulties of enterprises

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