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Paper enterprise executives went to Dubai and South Africa to investigate the paper industry

in order to further investigate the market, promote the development of international trade of enterprises, and promote the exchange of information within the industry, on March, Longkun media and Shanghai huazhan jointly organized the activity of "2019 visit to Dubai and South Africa". The event received strong support and keen attention from cuidechen, President of Jilin Packaging Technology Association, and Xuquan, vice president of Shanghai Songjiang District Printing Association

as we all know, the United Arab Emirates is the main distribution center of goods in the Middle East, and Dubai is known as "Hong Kong in the Middle East". Dubai market is an open and prosperous place with free trade of commodities from all countries. The annual growth rate of imported packaging and printing machinery products is%. At the same time, the Dubai market has no foreign exchange control and is easy to enter, while Chinese products have always been popular with moderate grades, complete specifications and reasonable prices

South Africa is located at the southernmost tip of the African continent, and its GDP accounts for nearly 20% of the total African GDP. It is the most economically developed country in Africa. At present, the annual output value of the packaging industry in South Africa is more than 2.5 billion rand (about 350million US dollars). It seems that in South Africa, packaging has become a must-have skill in sales and a touchstone for the market, and the packaging industry is also having room for rapid growth that has never been seen before

therefore, the theme of this event is to show the wonderful business, attracting people from Yudu County Zhengyi paper products Co., Ltd., Puning yongantai paper products Co., Ltd., Lianyungang Zhenyang paper products Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Xingmeng packaging materials Co., Ltd., Kaifeng Hualan Packaging Co., Ltd., Quzhou chixing Packaging Co., Ltd., Shanghai Fanhong Industrial Co., Ltd., Julong (Fujian) packaging Co., Ltd Chengdu Chuangxin Packaging Technology Co., Ltd., Jilin chemical fiber Donghao industry and Trade Co., Ltd., Rizhao Yuhuan Foreign Trade Co., Ltd., Shanghai Parkman Printing Co., Ltd., Ningxiang Xiangxi color printing and packaging Co., Ltd., Shanghai fuzhijia Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd., Shanghai gaobang printing materials Co., Ltd., Shanghai Jinchang carton machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Feicheng Shuntian energy saving ring fixture with only one set of protection equipment Co., Ltd Nearly 30 senior managers from 20 enterprises in the domestic top packaging and printing industry, such as Shanghai Houli International Trade Co., Ltd. and Hefei Aite label Co., Ltd

during the eight day inspection trip, the delegation will visit the 2019 packaging exhibition in South Africa, visit the Dubai branch of Mingwei group and its customer factory Hassani group, and visit the famous scenic spots in Dubai and South Africa. It will not only be able to understand and learn the production level and refined management of its peers, but also appreciate the exotic customs

exhibition visit

2019 South Africa packaging exhibition is a highlight of this trip. The exhibition provides an encouraging trading platform, information exchange and creative update network for packaging industry enterprises, traders and raw material suppliers in South Africa and surrounding countries affected by South Africa's economy

the last exhibition area was about 30000 square meters, with a total of 4 pavilions, 351 international exhibitors and more than 12000 professional buyers. The follow-up survey after the meeting showed that more than 83% of them successfully expanded their communication networks in the industry, and more than 60% formed purchase intentions

the 2019 South Africa packaging exhibition will be held on March. During the exhibition, members of the inspection team also said that the South Africa international packaging industry exhibition is full of opportunities, and it is a rare bridge for enterprises interested in entering the South African market

as the exhibition is in full swing, the exhibition data this year still need to wait until the end of the exhibition. However, looking at the data of the last session and the crowded scene today, it is understandable to be a brand exhibition in South Africa

factory visit

the inspection team of this activity also visited Mingwei group Dubai branch and its customer enterprise Hassani group

Mingwei group Dubai branch, as a world-renowned multinational enterprise in the carton machinery industry, is impressed by its team's professional quality and management style. The refined management mode of Hassani group is also very enlightening

It is understood that Mingwei group Dubai branch was established in Taiwan in 1986. After nearly 20 years of hardships and hardships, under the careful planning of the company's top leader, Mr. liumingchuang, and the hard work of all employees, Mingwei group has continuously surpassed the level of Taiwan's paper machinery industry in terms of product research and innovation, process quality and sales service operations, in order to obtain the ISO 9001 program operation certification in the early stage, And comply with CE safety inspection certification factory

therefore, Mingwei group won the highest honor of the national "Taiwan boutique Award" issued by the Taiwan government in 2000 and 2002 (it is still the first and only award-winning product in Taiwan's paper machinery industry). At the same time, in 2002, the top leader of the company, Mr. liumingchuang, won the honor of Taiwan's "Youth Entrepreneurship Model" and won the award of the industrial bureau of Taiwan's Ministry of economy 2 The index is not flexible, and the "new product innovation and R & D project plan" is the preferred enterprise

over the years, Mingwei group has taken Taiwan as its production base and enterprise operation research headquarters. In line with the enterprise strategic planning blueprint of "based on Taiwan, thinking about the mainland, and expanding the world", and with the strategic ambition of "international outlook, Taiwan's heart, China's feelings, Mingwei people", Mingwei group has gradually extended its production and service tentacles to Southeast Asia, Chinese Mainland, India, Europe, America, and Japan, The products of "Mingwei" have served more than 70 countries in three oceans and five continents, and have successively ranked among the top three corrugated machines in Taiwan's official "list of import and export performance manufacturers", becoming a world-renowned multinational enterprise in the carton machinery industry

in order to explore the reasons why Mingwei group's international trade has developed so rapidly, the investigation team conducted an in-depth investigation. According to general manager Zhao of the company, chairman Liu mingchuang set up a branch here 20 years ago. The United Arab Emirates is a tyrant country in the desert, mainly trading and oil. Although it is very rich, its industry is not developed; However, there are 17 Mingwei production lines and multiple printing linkage lines in 22 secondary factories

it can be seen that the foresight of chairman Liu mingchuang is one of the important factors that make Mingwei group a success in the carton industry in Dubai

hassani group

hassani group, founded in 1912, has 18 factories, crown carton factory and actively promotes the pilot construction of color printing plants, food plants, tinplate, real estate, etc. in the collaborative disposal of cement kilns in Guizhou Province. Mr. Mahdi, chairman of the group, and Mr. Natarajan, general manager of the carton factory, warmly received the inspection team

according to the introduction, the carton factory of the group produces cartons for self-use, which are of medium scale locally. The tile line, printing linkage line and nailing machine used are all Taiwan Mingwei brands

through on-site visits and meeting discussions, the inspection team also deeply understands the importance of refined management

the leader of this team is Mr. xulinglong, the operation director of Longkun media and Shanghai China exhibition. For this visit, he prepared a beautiful traditional Chinese craft - Suzhou embroidery, and placed a long-term good expectation on the development of the packaging and printing industry

cultural visit

the journey is still continuing. Now the investigation team has attracted the attention of the industry. Bid farewell to Dubai and start a trip to South Africa. Then, let's review Dubai's half paradise and half desert, and look forward to the beauty of the upcoming "mountains, rivers and Plains" in South Africa

on March 11, the delegation arrived in Dubai, a paradise in the desert from China

stepping out of the airport, all you can see is the struggle between the sky and the sea - "which is the blue between me and the sky (SEA)? With the golden light as the color matching, suddenly, the anxiety and fatigue before departure disappear

on this day, the delegation visited the Dubai Sheikh palace, the Dubai Museum sailing Hotel, the Burj Khalifa and other famous scenic spots

it is worth mentioning that jumerah bathing beach gives the delegation visual enjoyment and spiritual impact. The sunshine is warm and the sea breeze is slightly drunk, so it can experience the ultimate vacation, leisure and pleasure

on the 12th, the delegation experienced the sand washing in the desert with the rolling heat wave. Enter the desert, shuttle through the fluctuating sand dunes, and finally revel in the desert camp: enjoy the authentic belly dance performance, and dance with beautiful dancers; Enjoy a delicious and unique Arabic barbecue dinner

the trip continues. After that, the investigation team will visit Sun City, pillinsburg National Park, table mountain, Haote Bay, Penguin beach, Cape of good hope nature reserve, which is known as "Las Vegas in Africa"

in the half of the trip, the inspection team has gained a lot. It not only learned about the development level of Dubai's packaging and printing industry, strengthened exchanges and mutual learning in the same industry, but also felt the wonderful business from a new perspective: while enjoying the exotic customs, it realized the infinite possibilities of the packaging and printing industry

in June this year, Longkun media and Shanghai huazhan will also organize domestic corrugated, carton and color box enterprises to visit five factories in Japan and conduct cultural visits. The number of people is limited. Interested enterprises should sign up quickly

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