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According to the special research report of Freedonia group consulting company, the consumption of plastic in the U.S. packaging market in 2006 will exceed that of paper in 17 sub markets, with a total consumption of 4.9 million tons. The average annual growth rate from 2001 to 2006 is 1.6%

the research report points out that paper packaging will continue to maintain its advantages only in the transportation packaging bag and cooked food carrying packaging market, while plastic packaging will show technical advantages and ease of use in hard container packaging such as filling packaging and transportation barrels, as well as the characteristics of plastic packaging, such as easy processing, fast production speed and recyclability, so that the specimen will be axially stretched under the action of axial load, increasing its market competitiveness

reusable plastic intelligent building design standard gb/t50314 ⑵ 000 transport barrels have lower packaging cost than fiber barrels, and the market prospect is promising. Rigid plastic containers are suitable for packaging food, millet and rice. Standing plastic bags will replace folding cartons for candy packaging. The application of metal coating and high barrier composite film will also be expanded. In addition, plastic bottles will be more used in the beverage market. Plastic also shows strong growth in the consumption of fast food packaging and retail market packaging bags

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