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How can paper books and e-books be grounded

when I released this survey, I was in a nervous mood. Today, with the popularity of e-books, we still need to ask such a silly question: is e-books better or paper books? Look at the people in the subway, on the bus and in the coffee shop. Don't you notice that they are holding kindle fires, iPads and even reading books? E-books are portable, cheap and mass storage. This is the information age. Why do you still miss paper books? Are you too old-fashioned

indeed, I am a little old-fashioned. I go to and from work for two hours every day on the subway (1) mechanical resonance journey, always holding a Book wrapped in a book cover, concentrating as if the subway were empty. The life I look forward to is a small courtyard. I sit under the grape trellis in the courtyard, turn over a book I love, brew a pot of tea next to it, twist a page with my fingers, and the faint peace fascinates me

before the release of this survey, I thought of two results: one is in favor of e-books; One is ignored: the result is needless to say? Too lazy to bother

but the survey is like a stone stirring up waves at the moment of release. In a society with highly developed information technology, it turns out that our hearts will still adhere to many eternal things

a friend said it well: when reading paper books, there will be an irreplaceable sense of calm, inner happiness and satisfaction. Compared with this feeling, e-books may be more like a fast food, full and hearty, but they lack a little aftertaste

in the current survey, 41.1% of the friends chose to wait until the sample was broken: stick to the paper book, and e-books can't replace it. These people are not old-fashioned, they may not lack iPads, but they experience the pleasure of flipping through paper. I also have a deep understanding of this

facing the PK of paper books and e-books, there are also friends' views that are very interesting: most of those who advocate paper books unilaterally lack understanding of e-books, and most of those who advocate e-books unilaterally do not have the ability to provide high-quality paper books. But in the eyes of people who have two abilities at the same time, they are not much different

aside from the portable and inexpensive features of e-books (2) functional planting/participation, low-cost products and massive storage, the reason why many people are attracted by e-books also lies in the multimedia form of e-books, which can have music, animation and even taste. These paper books do not. But the premise of all this is that e-books must have good content

throughout the Internet, free e-books can be downloaded everywhere, but many of the quality is too rough. Even if the content is high-quality, it will cause hundreds of typos because it is free. The development of e-books in the charging mode is not smooth

the love hate feature of e-books may be the reason why many people are confused about whether paper books or e-books are good. Therefore, in this survey, 46.7% of friends chose this one: reading both paper books and e-books

many of them have objective and thought-provoking views

some people say: whether traditional publishing or digital publishing, they are all publishing, with different media and forms. In the final analysis, they still want content, and no matter how gorgeous it is, it is still empty; Some people say that if the level of copyright protection in China can stand side by side with that in Europe and the United States, the number of e-book fans will decline significantly, and e-books that charge will no longer be cute; Others say: paper books are like kung fu tea, mellow; E-books are big bowls of tea to quench thirst

I agree with the above friends. Personally, I don't reject the electronic format with high quality, such as filling in PVC, for books with little collection value and strong timeliness of information content, such as newspapers and magazines. But if it is a good book carefully selected, I will still choose paper format

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