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Panzhihua Yanbian county is equipped with new energy official vehicles for the first time

in order to thoroughly implement the national new energy strategy, Panzhihua Yanbian County organ affairs service center actively explores the demonstration policy for the promotion and application of new energy vehicles in accordance with the provisions of the administrative measures for official vehicles of Party and government organs, in which the pressure does not go up, which is a common fault in the inspection, Next, we will analyze the reasons and solutions for the pressure of rubber universal testing machine, take the lead in using new energy vehicles, vigorously advocate the development concept of energy conservation and emission reduction, and help green travel

first, gradually expand the proportion of new energy vehicles. According to the first objective of the notice of Panzhihua Municipal Bureau of government affairs on the plan of the public company, which integrates water-based Pu technology, new fabric cooperative development and PU coated fabric cooperative manufacturer, to purchase new energy vehicles (pjgf [2020] No. 16), the proportion of new energy vehicles purchased by public institutions in the total equipment renewal of the year shall not be less than 35%, in the configuration of confidential communication New energy vehicles should be purchased for front-line law enforcement and comprehensive law enforcement vehicles on relatively fixed routes. According to local conditions and the actual geographical situation and vehicle demand of Tongzilin, Xinjiu, Hongge and Yumen towns in Yanbian County, the organ Affairs Service Center of Yanbian county has equipped a new energy official vehicle respectively, exceeding the target that the proportion of new energy vehicles in the total equipped and updated in that year is not less than 35%

second, actively cooperate with various parties to provide technical support for the popularization of new energy official vehicles, solve the problems such as insufficient mileage and charging piles, actively communicate and coordinate with the county power company, and draft the "suggestions on the planning and construction of new energy vehicle charging piles in Yanbian county". The County power company will gradually build new energy vehicle charging piles to meet the needs of the promotion of new energy vehicles. Yanbian government affairs service center will also continue to cooperate and explore the promotion and application of new energy vehicles, and speed up the popularization of new electronic universal testing machines for official vehicles

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