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Panzhihua Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. developed a new environmental protection coating

Panzhihua Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. developed a new environmental protection coating

June 20, 2002

odorless, tasteless, temperature resistant, corrosion-resistant, absolutely harmless to human body - a new green coating was successfully developed in the coal chemical company of Panzhihua iron and Steel Group in June 2002. The raw materials of this water-based high-temperature anti-corrosion coating do not contain any benzene, methanol and other harmful substances to human body. It is especially suitable for the anti-corrosion care of iron equipment in the high-temperature environment. This is an important measure for the company to expand the chemical industry and reasonably adjust the industrial structure

Since 2002, Pangang Coal Chemical Co., Ltd. has invested more than 1 million yuan to actively develop new materials that can make full use of its own resources and have market potential. It is expected to achieve full-scale production in five years. The company firmly seized the great opportunity that Panzhihua

district was approved as the national base for the transformation and industrialization of new material achievements, cooperated with Sichuan University, Tianjin University,

Shanghai University of Applied Technology and other units, made full use of existing resources and technological advantages, and clearly took 10000 tons of

/year pure bisphenol s and 50000 tons of/year dimethyl carbonate as industrial projects for the development of new materials, Taking 2,6-naphthalene dimethyl

dimethyl acid ester and carbon fiber as major scientific research projects of new materials, it is expected that the investment will reach hundreds of millions of yuan successively, occupying a place in the competition of new materials market. For Zhang Jianping to master the core technology of new materials, the company has made a lot of preliminary technical preparations:

first, strengthen market research. Adhering to market analysis for a long time, we have conducted 2-3 years of follow-up investigation on the preparation and utilization of technical materials such as chemicals for new material integrated circuits and discrete devices, chemicals for printed circuit board production and assembly, chemicals for display devices, chemicals for color liquid crystal displays, chemicals for printed circuit board (PCB) processing, ultra clean and high-purity reagents and special (Electronic) gases, advanced packaging materials and chemicals for grinding and polishing, Fully understand the existing market and predict the potential market capacity, including potential application fields and competitors

the second is to make serious preparations for technology development. For example, in view of the fact that the technology of 2,6 naphthalene dicarboxylic acid is mature abroad, but will not be transferred during the cooperation of

, we should actively start to develop the technology with self intellectual property rights. Independent design and research should be carried out in terms of raw materials, processes, technical parameters and equipment development. At the same time, bisphenol s has entered the stage of substantial industrial test but high profit. After it is put into production, it will reach a production scale of 100 tons per year

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