The hottest Panzhihua titanium dioxide enterprises

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According to the news, due to the recent impact of air pollution, the titanium dioxide plants in Panzhihua Vanadium Titanium Industrial Park have all stopped production, involving an annual production capacity of more than 300000 tons of titanium dioxide. The manufacturer said that the recovery time was uncertain, while the market said that the shutdown time was 3-5 days

on December 18, Panzhihua titanium sea technology announced: Based on the current market situation and the actual situation of the company, after research and decision, from December 18, 2017, the domestic trade price of titanium sea rutile titanium dioxide will be increased by 500 yuan/ton, and the foreign trade price will be increased by 80 dollars/ton, which will be implemented today

in addition, some enterprises increased their prices, such as the listing price of Jinan Yuxing titanium dioxide increased by 300 yuan to 17800 yuan/ton; The price of rutile titanium dioxide of Hebei Shuangma chemical rose by 300 yuan, another to 214 doors, 16800 yuan/ton, and anatase titanium dioxide rose by 200 yuan to 14000 yuan/ton

previously, tenor announced that the price of titanium dioxide products of the company would increase by $125/ton in the Asia Pacific region and $165/ton in Australia from January 1, 2018; Since January 1st, 2018, Komo has laid a foundation for more innovative products of Ti-P in Greater China for kostron in the future. The price of ure titanium dioxide has increased by $150/ton, and the price of special specifications r-350 and ts-6300 has increased by $200/ton

however, in the off-season of titanium dioxide market, manufacturers are under great pressure to ship. Although the news of limited production and manufacturer price rise is good, the titanium dioxide price in the market has not improved at present. Since the market price of rutile titanium dioxide in East China rebounded to a high of 17700 yuan/ton at the end of October, there has been no stop signal. The price this week is about 17300 yuan/ton, basically returning to the price at the end of the first quarter, The high point of 19400 yuan/ton in early May is still far away

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