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Paper companies are troubled by financial problems, affecting the waste paper market

as time enters the second half of the year, although many dealers are cautiously optimistic about the rebound in the price of high-grade waste paper, some people are worried that the increasing problems of some paper mills will have a disastrous impact on waste paper recyclers

the public financial problems of American tissue forced a factory under it to close some workshops. It is said that the factory cannot get rid of financial problems, which makes some suppliers doubt whether it has enough financial capacity. It is said that the factory is already in arrears, which may make the company face greater problems in the future. After closing some workshops to obtain inventory balance, many dealers expressed concern that once the output of white paperboard was about 14.51 million tons; In addition to coated paper, household paper, paper and special products, Wang Zhi, the head of the 6 work areas of the factory, has one more item. The output of cultural paper of working paper is 28.31 million tons. The factory cannot pay on time and closes more workshops, which will have a very obvious impact

a major problem is that the plant is a considerable consumer of recycled fiber. The introduction of large users to the market will lead to great pressure on many products, from pulp substitutes to deinking products

at present, the trend of these varieties is still good, but the business problems of American tissue companies will have a negative impact on them

on the other hand, it is reported that the factory still owes a large amount of money to the east bank waste paper dealer. The proportion of pure electric vehicles in new energy vehicles has further increased. Once the factory has a financial crisis and cannot pay these payments, these dealers who have supplied it will face greater trouble

another problem is the closure of the blue water plant in Port Huron, Michigan. This deinking plant has been struggling for a long time with few orders, and its closure is the latest thing. At present, there is no official explanation as to whether it will stop production for a period of time to wait for a better source of goods, or whether it will be permanently closed. It is reported that the market of its end products is also uncertain

however, in the face of these problems, the price and demand of high-grade waste paper have rebounded strongly. Many people are worried that this rebound occurred when real demand did not improve - it was only because of insufficient recycling

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