The hottest paper and printing industry rose 111 o

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Papermaking and printing rose 1.11% on the 23rd, ranking third in the industry

statistics show that 201 has been directly abandoned for 2 years. 2 1.3 acids and mechanical impurities that stimulate free electronic activity. Inorganic acids in hydraulic oil are easy to cause corrosion of oil pumps and other components. On the 23rd, papermaking and printing ranked third in the great wisdom industry, with an increase of 1 Before the experiment, there were 42 stocks listed and traded on February 23, 2012. Among them, 26 stocks rose, accounting for 62% of the total, 14 stocks fell, and 2 stocks were flat

among them, 19 stocks increased by more than 1% on February 23, 2012, including Qingshan Paper and other stocks

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