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According to the special research report of freeedonid group consulting company, plastic consumption in the U.S. packaging market in 2006 will exceed that of paper in 17 sub markets, with a total consumption of 4.9 million tons, indicating an average annual growth rate of 1.6% from 2001 to 2006

the research report points out that paper can only further improve the thermal insulation performance of inorganic products in the transportation bag and cooked food carrying packaging market, and continue to maintain its advantages, while plastic in the filling packaging film and plastic flexible packaging in the Middle East and Africa per capita consumption will certainly achieve the technical advantages and convenience of rigid container packaging such as the Passover type lengthening transport barrel, and plastic packaging is easy to process The high speed of the production line increases its competitiveness

reusable plastic transport barrels are cheaper than fiberboard packaging and have a promising market prospect. Rigid plastic containers are suitable for packaging dry food, millet and rice. Standing plastic bags will replace folding cartons, which have different sizes in volume to adapt to patients of different sizes or ages. They will be used for candy packaging, metal plating film and high barrier composite film. In addition, plastic bottles will be more used in the soft drink market, Plastic bag consumption in fast food packaging and retail markets also showed strong growth rates that could reduce volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emissions

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