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Automobile professional English teaching based on project teaching method (2)

3 it is expected that more and more scenes will begin to use lighter plastic, CFPR and GRP materials in the future. The teaching process design examples of project teaching method

project teaching method can generally be carried out according to the following five teaching stages: (1) give play to the synergy of cross business departments) determine the project tasks; (2) Make plans; (3) Implementation plan; 4) Inspection and evaluation; (5) Archiving or result application

3.1 determine project tasks

projects are usually selected by teachers. The principle of selection should be based on the students' professional training objectives, the job groups they may engage in after employment, the actual situation of the content and conditions of the practice project, and the reasonable and scientific selection according to the specific situation of students. For example, the electronic universal experimental machine adopts the latest technical achievements in the field of electronic technology. Students majoring in automobile may be engaged in automobile sales. One of the training projects designed is purchasing a car. The task of this project is to introduce the vehicle to the customer by the sales consultant of the 4S store. Adopt on-site teaching, note 3 If you don't use the sales location for a long time, set it in our department's Fengchu training, there are five models: Prius, Camry, corolla, Vios and Reiz. One town adopts the following scheme: a group of 6 people, 3 people acting as sales consultants, 3 people acting as customers (different gender, professional age groups), and the sales consultants selling cars to customers

3.2 making plans

students obtain information and make work plans and the division of labor in each group, which are then discussed and revised by teachers and students and finally determined. After clarifying the project tasks, students will play different roles in groups and collect relevant information through multiple channels. For example, as a sales consultant, you need to understand the general process of sales, the selling points and advantages of each model, as well as the appropriate customer base, so as to fully meet the needs of customers. As a customer, we need to design different types of customers' concerns according to the characteristics of gender, age and occupation for detailed consultation, so as to buy satisfactory models. Aspects of evaluation

3.3 archiving or application of results

the selection of projects has practical significance, and the results of project work should be archived or applied to the production and teaching practice of enterprises and schools

4 conclusion

project teaching method provides a platform for students to display their talents. The problem of combining theoretical knowledge with practice has been effectively solved, and students' professional ability has been improved. In the process of students completing a project, it fully reflects the role of students as the main body and teachers as the leading role, and enhances students' initiative and enthusiasm in learning automotive professional English. Cultivate students' team spirit

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