The hottest projection market in 2017 is booming.

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The projection market is booming in 2017. Who will dominate the ups and downs of lasers and LEDs

Christmas is over, and 2017 is really not far away. For the projector market, 2016 is a year of rise and a key year for many changes to be realized in the future. The sales volume of the projector market did not increase much this year. In 2015, it was more than 2million units, while the sales volume in 2016 was still more than 2million units. However, in terms of technological changes and the introduction of new products, there are many efforts in the projector market in 2016, and these efforts will also become an important foundation for the development of the projector market in 2017. Today, we will predict the development of projector market in 2017 from four markets: household, business, engineering and education

who will dominate the rise and fall of laser LED projection market in 2017

before talking about the development of 2017, we must mention a key word: laser. Because at present, the main change of the projector market is based on the technology of laser light source. 2016 is also the first year when laser light sources really developed. Although the laser light source projector appeared as early as 2011, the price was too high at that time, and the problems such as the color of the picture and the service life of the light source were not solved well, so the laser light source did not really develop until 2016. Why does laser light source become such an important change in projector market? First of all, we need to understand this problem in order to see the development of the projector market from a new perspective

why is laser light source the foundation

laser light source can be used in many markets, whether it is household or education, or business and engineering markets. It can be said that laser light source has very good potential. Now there are many new laser products in these markets. The impact of laser on the projector market is very comprehensive, rather than partial. The advantage of laser is first shown in brightness. The brightness of traditional bulb light source is limited, because laser is a semiconductor light source. Theoretically, it can be superimposed infinitely, and the range from 6000 lumens to tens of thousands of lumens can realize arbitrary brightness freely

architectural projection made by laser projector

although the traditional bulb light source can also achieve the effect of tens of thousands of lumens. But the cost of traditional bulbs is very high. At present, the commonly used xenon lamp is the main light source of super bright projectors. This kind of light source decays very fast. If it is used continuously, the brightness decays to 50% after hundreds of hours. Although the price of laser light source is not cheap, its attenuation speed is slow, often tens of thousands of hours before obvious attenuation, which is another major advantage of laser light source. In addition to high brightness, its life is also long

the laser light source is a solid-state light source, so the stability of the laser light source is better. After the projection bulb is used for a long time, the uneven effect of dust will increase the risk of lamp explosion. The laser source is different. First, the semiconductor laser generator has no risk of explosion. Secondly, the laser light source has better sealing and dustproof performance. Therefore, the laser light source projector can have any angle. This advantage makes the laser light source can be used in more occasions

the multi angle projection advantage of laser can make the scheme more possible

in addition, the laser light source has an obvious advantage, that is, the color effect is good. Although the current mode of blue laser generator mixing fluorescent pink color reduces the performance of color to a certain extent, and affects the effect of color alignment, the two-color laser has appeared in 2016, which greatly solves this problem, In the future, the color performance of laser light sources will be better, which is an angle that cannot be ignored to surpass traditional bulbs. With this advantage, the application of laser light sources in the field of household use will be more promising

after understanding these advantages of laser light sources, let's take a look at the changes in different market segments in 2017? Many changes are based on laser light source technology. It can be said that 2017 is still a year when laser light sources play a leading role

three trends in the home market in 2017

the scale of the home projector market is not large. The annual sales of traditional home projectors is 160000, and the annual sales of high-end home theater projectors is even only 10000. This data is expected to make a breakthrough in 2017, mainly in two markets, the first is the laser TV market, and the second is the LED micro projector market. First, let's look at laser TV

laser TV is actually a reflective ultra short focus projector, which uses a laser light source, so it can achieve ultra large and ultra bright picture output in a short distance, and become a new player who can compete with TV in the ultra large screen market. In 2016, many brands were eyeing the laser TV market. First, Hisense launched 4K laser home theater, and recently Changhong officially joined the competition. At present, the super large screen market has been joined by brands such as ottoma, nut, elove, Hisense and Changhong, who have launched laser Cinema (TV) products. The author expects that more brands will launch laser Cinema (TV) products in 2017. Obviously, this market is undergoing unprecedented changes

in 2016, it is estimated that the sales volume of laser Cinemas (TVS) in the whole year will be about 15000. This sales volume is not the first. Usually, each model of fatigue testing machine is equipped with its own operation manual, which is often small, but the market growth rate of super large screen (more than 80 inches) is very fast. Due to the cost and installation of LCD TV, it can be said that no products can compete with laser TV in the super large screen market, Therefore, the development potential of laser TV is very good. In 2017, with the decline of the price of laser TV, it is expected that there will be a new breakthrough in the annual sales volume, which has become a driving force for the growth of the home projector market

Changhong joined the market competition of laser Cinema (TV)

the brands of laser TV increased and the price decreased, which is a market state of laser TV development in 2017. In technology, monochrome laser TV is also developing towards two-color laser TV, which can improve the color performance of laser TV. It is expected that the 20173 ribbed steel 20mnsivnb 20mnsivnb is a typical new product of low-carbon microalloyed high-strength steel for building engineering structure, and there will be more products of two-color laser light sources

smart micro projector is the attack of Chinese brands

and another growth point is led smart micro projector, which is a new light source product using LED light source. LED intelligent micro projector is not as bright as laser light source, but its advantage is low price and ultra portable. In 2016, the sales volume of LED intelligent micro projectors has exceeded 600000, and it is expected to reach about 800000. Compared with the projector market with a sales volume of 2million units in China in the whole year, this growth is really not small

the sales volume of smart Mini projectors has increased rapidly

so what will happen to the LED smart mini projector market in 2017? From the perspective of technology, due to the limitations of the development of upstream chips and LED light source technology, there is little chance of new products with higher brightness and higher resolution in 2017, which is the limitation of technology development. Therefore, the changes of LED intelligent micro projectors in 2017 are mainly concentrated on the market side

if you look at the LED mini projector market, you will find that China's local entrepreneurial team has become the largest force in this market. You should know that many brands started to set up teams around 2011, and the history of the company is very short. Compared with many brands deeply rooted in the projector market, their strength should have been very weak. However, these entrepreneurial brands have become the sales kings of the LED micro projector market. Brands such as Jimi, Xiaoshuai and nuts are actively developing in this market

many domestic brands of LED micro projectors have grown

LED light sources can now achieve brightness of about 700 ANSI lumens, which can be supported for some traditional applications. Led micro projector is no longer a toy with dozens of lumens in the past. With such technological development, led micro projector has the potential to become a consumer product. So these teams began to "consume" traditional projectors, and the promotion of fashionable appearance, intelligent systems and different angles began to intervene. Finally, led micro projectors began to make new improvements. With the continuous innovation of domestic brands, the functions of LED smart micro projectors will be richer in 2017, and in terms of price, the LED smart micro projection opportunities will be more people-friendly. It is expected that the sales of LED smart micro projectors will increase significantly in 2017

4K and color in the high-end customized market have talked about these two new products. Next, we will focus on the traditional home projector market. The traditional bulb home projector is divided into two categories. The first is the entry-level product of 1080p. Its technological change in 2016 will not be much, mainly because the price will continue to decrease. At present, there are 4000 yuan products, and the price may continue to decrease in 2017; In the high-end market, 4K resolution and better color performance have become the focus of attention. It is expected that the new product of laser light source combined with 4K technology will become the main technical foundation of the high-end market in 2017

in 2016, BenQ, Epson, Sony and JVC all launched 4K new products. Recently, there has been news from Autocode that 4K new products will be launched around the next year. Obviously, this is already a trend, and this is the development direction of the high-end projector market in 2017

the battlefield of the engineering market

engineering projectors have always been a high-profile market. Although the market size is small, the profit margin is very high. In the past, American and Japanese brands basically dominated this market, but in 2016, brands such as BenQ, ottoma, Acer and Vivitek entered this market, so the competition for this market has become very fierce. The reason why these brands choose to enter this market at this time is largely due to the new opportunities brought by laser light sources

the approximate sales volume of Engineering projectors (calculated by more than 5000 lumens) is about more than 80000 units a year. With the rise of laser light source, the competition of projector market has appeared new dynamics. Laser light source makes everyone see new opportunities. Therefore, many brands have entered this market, including BenQ, Vivitek and ottoma, which have launched laser engineering projectors, while Epson, Sony and Hitachi are more active in the layout. In addition, baoshilai, Guangfeng optoelectronics, sonok, as well as traditional brands such as Keshi and Barco have launched laser engineering projectors. So many brands are competing for this market, The competition is very fierce

the laser engineering projector market is highly competitive

so what will happen to the engineering projector market in 2017? The number of competitive brands and new products has increased, as we have mentioned above. From a technical point of view, in addition to laser light sources, it is difficult for the engineering projector industry to undergo disruptive changes. Therefore, the focus of competition is still product brightness and price. The main sales of Engineering projectors are concentrated between 5000 and 7000 lumens. It can be said that the number of products sold in this lumen range has reached more than 80%, so there will be new products between 5000 and 7000 lumens in 2017

it is expected that more new products will join the market competition in 2017

and in terms of price, laser light sources

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