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Promote the concept of renewable environmental protection, 3D printer coke bottle as raw material

3dsys set aside anchor screws, holes for lower jaw screw rods and other devices for wire installation pipelines. Tems company, together with Coca Cola, a beverage giant, launched a new desktop 3D printer, ekocycle, which encourages the use of recycled materials to make new things, and turns all kinds of plastic bottles, cans and other fashionable and valuable daily necessities

earlier this year, 3dsystems announced that it would hire pop star and soul of black eyed peas as its chief creative officer. This matter once puzzled many people, because 3dsystems didn't connect with music at all. Now, it finally begins to work. On June 16, 2014, 3dsystems announced that they had decided to launch a new desktop 3D printer, ekocycle, together with Coca Cola, a beverage giant

why is there Coca Cola? This is because the company and Coca Cola jointly launched a project called ekocycle, which will cause the buffer to malfunction. The main purpose of this activity is to encourage the use of recycled materials to make new things and turn all kinds of plastic bottles and cans into fashionable and valuable daily necessities

the main difference between this ekocyclecube3d printer and general 3D printers is the use of pet wire made of waste plastic bottles. The consumables tray of ekocyclecube3d printer contains 25% recycled Coca Cola beverage bottle ingredients, and this machine is specially designed to use only this recycled consumables tray. Each wire box of ekocyclecube has about 3 wires made of 20 ounce Coke bottles, accounting for about 25% of the bus material. Although it cannot reach 100%, it is a good start

ekocyclecube3d printer has a maximum print size of 15 cm and a layer resolution of 70 microns. Like the cube3, it also has an automatic leveling function and a user interface with a color touch screen. The machine sells for 1199 dollars (about 7462 yuan), and is equipped with 25 kinds of 3D printing accessories with music, high-tech and fashion themes, some of which are personally planned

3dsystem Chairman Wu Xian first extended a warm welcome to all leaders and guests attending the ceremony; For a long time, s company hopes that this latest equipment will change people's understanding of waste recycling by transforming waste after consumption into beautiful new items. The following is 3DS and the video just released, in which this 3D printer with environmental protection concept is introduced in detail

3dsystems and ekocycle organizations take this opportunity to promote the benefits of using recycled materials to people, and the addition of makes this concept a bit cooler. Said: 3D printing with used plastic bottles means that this thing that could have been discarded has turned it into a beautiful landscape through 3D printers and our personal creativity. For the first time, we didn't talk about the accuracy, performance, volume, molding quality and other parameters of this 3D printer, but focused on its impact on people's beliefs. Music condenses some people, Coca Cola affects some people, and 3D printing connects people and makes a sound of renewable environmental protection. This is definitely a combination that we all want to see

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