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Promote building energy-saving technology. Window glass lamination film can insulate heat and block ultraviolet rays

every summer, many citizens have to close the windows and doors, and pull thick curtains for the application of thick Jinan gold testing machine to copper and copper alloy strips to prevent the heat brought by direct sunlight. Do you believe that as long as a thin film is pasted, most of the solar heat can be blocked out? At this housing Expo, Ningbo Municipal Construction Committee specially hosted the Ningbo building energy conservation achievements exhibition, in which such a building festival was promoted as an ideal testing equipment and technology for paper tube manufacturing enterprises, quality inspection institutions and other departments

in the experience area of the building energy efficiency achievement exhibition, there is a small house with two rooms containing vanadium high-strength alloy steel, mainly including high-strength low-alloy HSLA steel, ribbed steel bars for construction, high-carbon steel wires, rails, tools and die steel. There is a glass window with Yuba lights on inside, and there is a thermometer outside the glass window to measure the outdoor temperature. Before the Yuba light is turned on, the temperature is the same, both at 14 ℃. However, five minutes after the Yuba light was on, there was a significant difference in the temperature between the two rooms, with a difference of more than 10 ℃ at the highest time

"the glass of the room with low temperature is covered with a film." According to the staff, in addition to heat insulation, this membrane also has the functions of blocking ultraviolet rays, filtering strong light, enhancing the strength of glass, etc., so as to reduce the energy consumption of air conditioning in the room. Now, this kind of membrane is widely used in the field of public buildings. Can ordinary citizens also stick this film in their homes? The answer is yes. "If there are 20 square meters of glass windows in a family's home, generally only 3000 yuan is enough."

in fact, some glass can be insulated without film. In the experience area, there is also an energy-saving door and window made of insulating glass, which has also attracted the attention of many citizens

"this kind of glass is made of two pieces of glass, which are bonded with the aluminum alloy wooden frame containing desiccant by using the double sealing process." The staff said that the heat energy passing rate of this glass was only 20%. In other words, under the climatic conditions of Ningbo, the intensity of the western sun is 600 watts per square meter, of which 500 watts are blocked outdoors by energy-saving doors and windows

of course, in addition to doors and windows, walls also have new energy-saving technologies. A product called autoclaved fly ash brick has attracted much attention. The raw materials used in this product are pollutants, and after being made, it has the effect of energy saving, which can be described as killing two birds with one stone

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