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Baidu aifanfan 400 helps Jinshan law firm solve the management chaos

Zhejiang Jinshan (Shanghai) law firm (hereinafter referred to as Jinshan law firm), an old client of Baidu aifanfan, comes from the legal service industry and focuses on building materials and investment and financing legal services

in the legal service industry, the professionalism of the law firm is one of the key factors for the success of the order. In addition to excellent legal knowledge, professionalism should also be reflected in the contact and communication with customers, such as whether they can be connected in time and whether the communication between them is smooth. After using the traditional 400, Jinshan Law Institute found many problems. After replacing the use of aifanfan 400, the successful realization of the double improvement of clue follow-up and management will control the use of hbcdd under the existing conditions

the original sin of disordered distribution of clues and difficult integration of data

Jinshan law firm claimed that due to the natural gap between the original 400 and the different platforms of aifanfan, the management statistics of distribution, collection and sales of Suo were troubled

originally, the previously used 400 cannot automatically fall into the aifanfan clue library. Therefore, for those who do not answer, the manager can only send them to the group for everyone to receive. However, there are many sales contacts with the same customer, or some are still ignored and omitted by employees. The repeated follow-up by many people has troubled customers and made customers question the professionalism of the law firm. In addition, about 10% of them have not been followed up in time, so that the company's software can be connected with notebooks and missed the opportunity to make a single

managers are also miserable when making statistics of sales data (duration, etc.). All clues will be put into aifanfan clue database for unified management, but the data stored in the traditional 400 system needs to be manually imported into aifanfan system every day. However, the form exported from 400 has different dimension fields and sequence. Managers have to spend about an hour every day to adjust the 400 form and import aifanfan. The process is time-consuming and error prone

Baidu aifanfan 400, intelligent leak proof, automatic distribution, data one-stop

at present, the proportion of 400 service in enterprise customer acquisition is getting higher and higher. In order to better solve the relevant pain points of customers, Baidu aifanfan also launched this service. According to the management problem of Jinshan law firm -- 400 missed management confusion, sales data is difficult to be put on the two supports of the fixed machine tool of the experimental machine, and the statistics have been solved in the 400 service of aifanfan

first of all, the law firm uses Aifan 400 service + Aifan middle number + Aifan intelligent clue manager, and all incoming calls will automatically become clues. After being unified to aifanfan platform, the whole process data can be seen for the duration, number, call recording and follow-up

in addition, missed calls can be quickly shared through the applet. After clicking the applet to receive, the clue library will automatically synchronize the receiving status to avoid repeated receiving. The clues that are not collected in time are automatically notified to the manager for allocation, or are automatically allocated according to the principles set by the manager

through the use of aifanfan 400 and the middle number, the timely rate of call follow-up of Jinshan law firm has reached 100%, and 1 hour of daily management has been saved. Mr. luzhenyin, the Promotion Director of Jinshan law firm, said: aifanfan has always been a good helper for our marketing to win customers. The 400 service perfectly helps us solve the problem of difficult lead distribution and sales data statistics, making lead follow-up more efficient

customer enterprises have little distinction from ordinary plastics in appearance. Introduction:

Zhejiang Jinshan (Shanghai) law firm is the first professional and corporate law firm established by Jinshan law firm group in Shanghai, focusing on building materials and investment and financing legal services

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