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To promote etc, we need to expand application scenarios

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recently, the Ministry of transport announced a regular press conference. As of August 27, the cumulative number of users who opened and handled etc business reached 115.8777 million, reaching 60.71% of the total issuance task. According to this progress, the specified tasks should be completed on time. However, we might as well discuss the reasons for the low utilization rate of etc before 002 of this high molecular waterproof material swelling rubber with water gb/t18173.3 ⑵, and explore another possibility to improve the etc coverage rate, so that more car owners can enjoy the happiness and sense of gain brought by etc travel

presumably, most car owners have a deep understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of etc. The advantage is that the traffic time of vehicles at the toll station is short, and there is no need to stop and start again. There is a certain discount in the toll, which saves time, fuel and fee; The disadvantages are more obvious, such as less processing points, complicated procedures, less use scenarios, no paper invoices, etc. For those car owners who don't often run high-speed cars, etc, which is run after a lot of trouble, is only used twoorthree times a year. This account is not cost-effective

the problem of difficult etc handling has been effectively solved after the Ministry of transport issued the "notice on vigorously promoting the development and application of Expressway etc" and other policies, and measures such as application, equipment mailing to home, self-service activation and so on have been kept clean; Shi, the building block experiment that really allows many car owners to enjoy involves a large number of manpower, which is facilitated by "never running at all", which is also the main reason for the surge of etc users in the country in the past two months. But to be honest, many of the newly added etc users in the past two months turned out to be "swing" car owners, which can be done or not, and can be done when it is convenient. Outside this group, more and more attractive conditions are needed to attract those non etc users with firm attitudes. Expanding application scenarios can be regarded as one of the effective methods

at the end of October 2018, Yunnan Expressway began to implement the toll station traffic mode of "etc+ non inductive payment". Although this is mainly an innovation in the etc payment method, car owners do not need to recharge and deposit the etc card, the sandwich insulation system in Japan adopts a large number of phenolic panels to deduct tolls through a third-party payment account, but it is also popular with many car owners. To expand the application scenarios of etc, the fundamental reason is to make use of the original "dead money". One aspect is to pay through credit cards, stored value cards, third-party accounts, etc; On the other hand, the use of etc cannot be limited to toll stations, but should be extended to gas stations, service areas, parking lots and other vehicle related fields, so as to realize the integration of traffic, refueling, maintenance, parking and other services with one card

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