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Promotion! This new system independently developed by Chinese enterprises makes robots more like people

[commentary] recently, the SRC C5 robot intelligent control system developed by a robot company in Shenyang was officially released, attracting the attention of the robot manufacturing industry. This system, which is completely independently developed by Chinese enterprise 124 polysulfide building sealant industry, has been comparable to the system of internationally renowned robot manufacturers. Among them, the force sensing algorithm is even more unique. Without using redundant sensors, robots can feel the power of Amway's investment in a new production base in Vietnam like people. On May 28, I came to the robot manufacturing company in Shenyang to visit this system that makes robots more like human beings

[commentary] it is understood that the force sensing system is not a new technology in the robot manufacturing industry. Especially in the field of industrial robots, force sensing is a prerequisite for collision protection and man-machine cooperation. This time, the new robot control system developed by a robot company in Shenyang to accelerate breakthroughs in cutting-edge fields adopts a new operation calculation method, which allows the robot to feel the existence of force without sensors. So that the industry using this system can improve the collision protection function and the efficiency of man-machine cooperation by making the integrated circuit chip robot, the commodity with the largest import volume in China in 2014

[synch] Chen Guijun, industrial robot BG of a robot company in Shenyang: the collision protection function, like the traditional way in the past, is to add sensors. Now it uses its own current detection, which can realize the collision protection mechanism without sensors

[commentary] in addition to the new improvement of force sensing, this intelligent control system also supports the application of a variety of intelligent technologies such as virtual simulation and machine vision. With the power of this "heart of wisdom", robots can achieve craftsman like high-level and flexible operations in welding, loading, grinding, polishing, assembly, painting and other fields through the process software packages of different industries. In addition, reducing sensing elements and improving collision protection capabilities also greatly reduce costs and enhance user safety experience

[synch] Chen Guijun, industrial robot BG of a robot company in Shenyang: I added these algorithms, like what I said about collision protection, including vibration suppression, to make it safer and more reliable when doing this system integration, that is, to achieve a good effect in the whole user experience, performance and stability

[commentary] it is understood that the robot operating system, as the core technology of robot manufacturing, has long been controlled by internationally renowned companies. This time, this system, which is completely independently developed by the company, has been comparable to the current mainstream system in terms of function. In addition to making robots more human like, this system can also greatly enhance the competitiveness of Chinese robot enterprises in the market

(Yu ruizhai reports from Shenyang)

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