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Safety technical disclosure of internal climbing tower crane project

sub type of work (type of work) Name: internal climbing tower crane project

disclosure content:

1. After the overall installation of the tower crane or each climb, it must be noted that the specified procedures must be accepted before it can be used

2. The crane must be safely and reliably grounded

3. Check the steel wire rope, safety device, brake working transmission mechanism, etc. before work. If there is any non-compliance, it should be repaired, and the construction can be put into operation after the test run confirms that there is no problem

4. Operators should work with certificates and be commanded by commanders with valid command certificates

5. Skip speed regulation and sudden stop at high speed are prohibited

6. When the mechanism is abnormal, it should stop in time. It can control the vertical and horizontal offset and change of the pier, put down the heavy object, cut off the power supply to find out the cause, and then continue the work after troubleshooting. It can also complete the low-speed and high-precision transformation. It is forbidden to adjust or repair in the work

7. Relevant safety regulations such as "ten no lifting" must be observed

8. During climbing operation, follow the steps specified in the manual. Pay attention to correct the perpendicularity, so that the deviation is not more than one thousandth. According to the provisions of the use requirements. 5. Displacement measurement: the resolution is 0.01mm. Fix the frame, and do not climb above grade 4 wind

9. After the work is completed, lift the hook, retract the trolley, set all operating handles to zero, cut off the power supply, lock the distribution box, and close the doors and windows of the cab

10. The tower crane installation must be completed by a team with the installation qualification of experts at or above the second level, and the warning signs must be set out

11. Tower crane installation is strictly prohibited above grade IV wind. Installation personnel must work with certificates and take safety protection articles

13. Strictly follow the tower crane certificate for installation and construction



bottom receiver: the position of the balance thallium must be adjusted before the pendulum experimental machine is used or verified


note: this table is used for the safety technical disclosure of divisional (sub divisional) projects and the disclosure of various types of work

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