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Safety technical disclosure of concrete machinery operators

I. safety requirements for operation of concrete machinery operators

1. The operators of mixing and transportation vehicles must undergo safety technical training, pass the examination and obtain the qualification certificate issued by the competent unit before taking up their posts

2. Operators must be in good health. People with diseases and mental disorders that hinder safe operation shall not operate mechanical equipment

3. During operation, observe or patrol the machinery, surrounding personnel and environmental conditions, and do not leave the post without authorization

4. operators must wear safety protection articles as required. Long hair shall not be exposed during operation, and female workers shall wear work caps

5. do not dismantle the lighting, signals, instruments, alarms and protective devices of mechanical equipment at will. The safety protection devices shall be checked and adjusted according to the specified cycle

6. The exposed transmission mechanism, rotating parts, high temperature and live parts of mechanical equipment shall be equipped with safety protection facilities such as protective shields and obvious safety warning signs

7. It is strictly forbidden to contact the running parts and carry out repair and maintenance operations when the machine is running

8. The machinery must comply with the relevant regulations of the traffic management department when driving on the road

9. before the machinery passes the bridge, it is necessary to understand the bearing capacity of the bridge and pass at a low speed after confirming that it is safe. Sudden steering and emergency braking are strictly prohibited on the bridge deck. Attention must be paid to the height limit before passing through the bridge opening, and it can be passed only after it is confirmed to be safe

10. Before the operation of self-propelled machinery, it must be checked, and the braking, steering, signal and safety devices should be complete and effective

11. When the ramp is stopped, it is not allowed to park horizontally. When parking longitudinally, it must be blocked, and the working device must be placed on the ground to assist in braking. The operator can leave only after confirming that the braking is reliable. In rainy season, the machinery should be parked on a solid ground with high terrain

12. During mechanical operation, personnel shall not get on and off the machine

13. mechanical equipment shall not enter the dangerous area when working near the power station, substation, distribution room, etc. When working near the high-voltage line, the distance between the movement track of the mechanical equipment body and working device and the high-voltage line shall comply with the provisions in the table below

minimum safety distance between concrete machinery and overhead power transmission conductor


II. Concrete mixing plant

1. Check to confirm safety

(1) the connection of the structural part of the mixing platform must be firm and reliable. The limit device and brake are sensitive and reliable

(2) the control system of electrical and pneumatic weighing devices is safe and effective, and the safety device is reliable

(3) the platform protection is connected to neutral and the lightning protection device is intact

(4) the lifting bucket, dragline wire rope and conveyor belt of the feeding device are not damaged

(5) the opening and closing of the feeding and discharging gate are flexible and in place

(6) the air compressor and air supply system shall operate normally without abnormal sound and air leakage, and the pressure shall be maintained within the specified range

(7) obvious signs must be set in the operation area, material storage area and operation area

2. It is mainly used for various small module gears with high precision, precision parts of instruments with complex geometry, tap water and explosion pipeline valves. After starting the mixing system, it should be idled first to check the mechanical operation. After confirming that the mixing system is normal, the automatic circulation production can be carried out. It is strictly forbidden to stop or start with load

3. concentrate during operation, pay attention to the feeding system of each instrument, indicator, belt conveyor and batcher, and remove large stones and foreign matters in time if found; Stop production immediately in case of abnormal conditions; In case of emergency, cut off the power supply immediately and report to relevant personnel

4. The operator must operate according to the specified procedures. When the microcomputer breaks down, it must be repaired by professionals

5. Non operators are strictly prohibited from entering the production area during operation

6. During operation, it is strictly forbidden to open the safety cover and mixing cover for inspection and lubrication, and it is strictly forbidden to stretch tools and sticks into the mixing barrel to scrape or clean. When the hopper is lifted, it is strictly prohibited to work or walk under it

7. When maintaining at height, more than two people must work, wear safety belts and take necessary safety protection. In case of strong wind, rain, snow and other weather, maintenance operations shall not be carried out at high altitude

8. personnel working under the operating platform must wear safety helmets

9. When maintaining and repairing the transfer bucket on the top of the mixer, and cleaning the mixer lining and cutter, the power supply must be cut off, and an obvious "no switching on" sign must be set at the electric switch box, with a specially assigned person for supervision. When cleaning in the mixer, the door must be opened, and a special person shall be assigned outside the door for supervision

10. When removing the materials at the bottom of the upper hopper, the hopper must be lifted to the appropriate position and the safety pin must be inserted into the track; When removing the residues inside the hopper, the power supply must be cut off and a special person must be assigned to monitor

11. During shift handover, the situation of the shift must be handed over and recorded

12. Cut off the power supply after operation, lock the operation room, and hand over the key to a special person for safekeeping

III. concrete mixer

1. The concrete mixer should be installed in a flat and solid place and supported stably. The operating table should be padded with plastic board or dry wood board

2. Before starting, check the machinery, safety protection devices and rollers to confirm that the equipment is safe and there are no tools and sundries in the rollers

3. During the feeding process, it is strictly forbidden to put your head or hand between the hopper and the frame to observe or explore

4. It is forbidden to work under the hopper when it is raised. Measures must be taken to fix the hopper firmly before cleaning the pit

5. Do not put your hands or tools into the mixer during operation

6. Operators should concentrate during operation and should not leave their posts at will. When the concrete mixer breaks down, the power supply should be cut off immediately

7. Before entering the mixing drum for maintenance and cleaning, the operator must cut off the power supply, remove the fuse, lock the power box, and assign a special person to monitor

8. after operation, the hopper should be lowered to the hopper pit. The hopper must be fixed when it is raised

IV. concrete pump truck

1. The concrete pump truck should be parked in a flat and solid place, and the bottom of the outrigger should be stable with a skid support without obstacles. It is strictly prohibited to work under high-voltage transmission lines. 2. Check before operation to confirm safety

(1) the mixing mechanism works normally, and the transmission mechanism should act accurately

(2) the conveying pipe shall be free of cracks, damage and deformation, and the wear of the conveying pipe shall be within the specified range

(3) the pipe connection shall be well sealed

(4) hopper screen is intact

(5) the hydraulic system should work normally

(6) the instruments and signal indicators are complete and intact, and all kinds of manual valves operate flexibly and are positioned reliably

3. it is forbidden to lengthen the conveying pipe and hose during operation. Hoses shall not be towed on the ground

4. open the boom in strict order during operation. No operation is allowed when the wind force is greater than force 6 (including force 6)

5. It is strictly forbidden to use the boom as a lifting tool

6. During pumping operation, the operator should pay attention to the working state of the construction area and equipment. No one is allowed to stay within the working range of the boom

7. It is strictly forbidden to pull the hydraulic outrigger control valve during operation. If the car body is tilted or other abnormal phenomena are found, the operation should be stopped immediately, the boom should be retracted for inspection, and the operation can be continued after the fault is eliminated

8. It is forbidden to cross the mixing hopper during pumping operation

9. evacuate the surrounding people when removing the pipe blockage. Before disassembling the pipeline for cleaning, the reverse pumping method shall be adopted to eliminate the pressure in the transmission pipeline. It is strictly forbidden to have the nozzle facing people during disassembly

10. do not remove the hopper grille and other safety devices during operation. Do not climb or ride on the transmission pipeline, and do not put your hand into the valve body. It is forbidden to disassemble the pipeline during pumping

11. When cleaning the pipe, the operator should leave the pipe outlet and elbow joint. If compressed air is used to clean the pipeline, there shall be no personnel and equipment within l0m of the pipeline outlet

v. traction concrete pump

1. The concrete pump should be placed on a solid and flat ground, put down the outriggers, and place the machine body stably

2. check before operation to confirm that the electrical equipment and instruments are normal, the switch buttons and handles of each part are in the correct position, the fastening points of the mechanical part are firm and reliable, the tightness of the chain and belt meet the specified requirements, and the transmission parts operate normally

3. the pipe joint of concrete delivery pump should be sealed tightly, and the pipe clamp should be firmly connected. A horizontal pipe with a check valve of no less than 10m shall be installed in front of the vertical pipe. It is strictly forbidden to connect the vertical pipe directly to the output port of the concrete transfer pump

4. Evacuate the surrounding people when dredging the blocked pipeline. The reverse pumping method shall be adopted to remove the pressure of the transmission pipeline. It is strictly forbidden to have the nozzle facing people during disassembly

5. do not remove the hopper grille and other safety devices during operation. Do not climb or ride on the transmission pipeline, do not reach into the valve body to work, and do not disassemble the pipeline when pumping

6. When cleaning the pipe, the operator should leave the pipe outlet and elbow joint. If compressed air is used to clean the pipeline, personnel and equipment shall not be selected for the test mode within l0m of the pipeline outlet

7. After operation, depressurize the hydraulic system and return all control switches to the original position

VI. concrete mixer truck

1. Before operation, it must be checked to confirm that the steering, braking, lighting and signal systems are sensitive and effective, that the drum and chute of the mixer truck are free of cracks and serious damage, that the wear of the mixing blades is within the normal range, and that the U-shaped bolts between the chassis and the subframe are well connected

2. Understand the construction requirements and site conditions. Select the driving route and parking place

3. traffic rules must be observed when driving on social roads, and the toxic gas content is small;. The turning radius should meet the requirements of the operation manual, and the speed should not be greater than 15 kilometers per hour. The entry speed is no more than 5 kilometers per hour

4. During operation, it is strictly forbidden to touch the rotating drum and roller with hands

5. When reversing and unloading, you must obey the command, pay attention to the surrounding personnel, and stop immediately in case of abnormalities

6. It is strictly forbidden to carry out cleaning operation under the high-voltage line

VII. Concrete sprayer

1. Check before operation, the transmission pipeline shall be free of leakage and bending, the pipeline connection shall be fastened and sealed, and the laid pipeline shall be protected

2. During operation, compressed air should be sent first, and the material can be added to the ejector only after the rotation direction of the motor is confirmed to be correct

3. During the operation, there shall be no people in front of and within 5m around the nozzle of the concrete spraying machine. During the operation interval, the nozzle shall not be against people

4. When the feeding pipe is blocked, it must be shut down before troubleshooting. Protective measures shall be taken

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