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Safety technical guidance for steel structure hoisting engineering

1. When profiled steel plates for pouring floors are not set behind the installation of columns and beams, in order to facilitate the construction of column bolts, an appropriate number of walkway plates need to be laid on the steel beams

2. In order to prevent safety accidents caused by falling or flying out of personnel, materials and tools during steel structure hoisting, it is necessary to lay safety. The safety level is set 2 meters above the beam surface. When the floor height is less than 4.5m, the safety level is required to be fully paved within the building plane. It is laid vertically on the periphery of the building to prevent people and objects from flying out and causing safety accidents. The height of vertical laying is generally the height of two columns

And it is required to use non-magnetic materials to manufacture

3. In order to facilitate the construction of column connection, an operation platform should be set at the column connection. The platform is fixed on the top of the lower column

4. A platform for storing electric welding machine, air compressor, oxygen cylinder, acetylene cylinder and other equipment shall be set on the steel beam just installed. The setting distance shall comply with the regulations of relevant departments of safety production

5. For convenience, n=10lg (db/oct).......................................... the above is the technical data obtained by the author at the Pittsburgh technical center of Alcoa....... Formula (16) in the construction of climbing, the climbing steel ladder must be fixed on the steel column before hoisting the column. In order to facilitate the fastening of high-strength bolts and welding of column beam joints, it is necessary to install a hanging basket scaffold under the column beam joints

6. All electric machinery and equipment used in construction must be grounded. Damaged wires and cables are absolutely not allowed to be used to prevent equipment leakage. The effectiveness of construction electricity data testing has expanded to the development and utilization of testing instruments. Cables that have become normal equipment and machinery must be gathered together and increased section by section with the construction of the floor. Distribution boxes shall be set on each floor. Supply electricity for construction of each floor

7. For high-altitude construction, when the wind speed reaches 15m/s, all work must be stopped

8. During construction, attention should also be paid to fire prevention, and necessary fire-fighting equipment and fire-fighting supervisors should be provided

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