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Safety technical code for portal steel pipe scaffold in building construction

3.0.4 the steel pipe should be straight, and the allowable deviation of straightness is 1/500 of the pipe length; The surfaces at both ends shall be flat without inclined and rough edges; It is strictly forbidden to use steel pipes with hard injuries (hard bending, smashing flat, etc.) and serious corrosion

6.2.2 the upper and lower portal frames must be assembled with connecting rods and lock arms, and the diameter of the connecting rods should be less than 1 ~ 2mm of the inner diameter of the vertical rod

6. In recent 20 years, 2.4 the setting of horizontal frame shall comply with the following provisions:

1 it must be set at the upper part of the top gantry of the scaffold, the setting layer of wall connecting parts and the setting place of protective shed

6.5.4 the wall connecting parts shall be able to withstand tension and pressure, and the standard value of its bearing capacity shall not be less than 10kN; The connection between wall pieces and portal frames and buildings should also have corresponding connection strength

6.8.1 the site for scaffold erection must be flat and solid, and drainage must be done well. The backfill ground must be backfilled layer by layer and compacted layer by layer

7.3.1 the erection of gantry and accessories shall comply with the following provisions:

4 cross support, horizontal frame or scaffold board shall be set in time following the installation of gantry

5 the lock arm and hook connecting the gantry and accessories must be locked

7 when the mold temperature is low, the shrinkage, elongation and impact strength are high 3.2 in addition to the following requirements, the erection of reinforcement such as reinforcing rods and diagonal braces:

1 the reinforcing rods and diagonal braces must be erected synchronously with the scaffold

7.3.3 the erection of wall connecting parts shall comply with the following provisions:

1 the erection of wall connecting parts must be carried out synchronously with the erection of scaffold. It is strictly forbidden to delay the setting or make up after the erection

7.5.4 under the unified command, the scaffold shall be removed according to the sequence of later installation and first removal, first installation and then removal and the requirements of the following safe operations:

4 wall connecting parts, full-length horizontal rods and cross bracing, etc. can be removed only when the scaffold is removed to the relevant gantry

5 workers must stand on the temporarily set scaffold board for disassembly, and the warranty is invalid) use safety protection articles as required

6 in the demolition work, it is strictly forbidden to use hard objects such as hammers to hit and pry. The removed connecting rods should be placed in bags, and the lock arms should be first transferred to the ground and stored indoors

8.0.1 scaffold erection and dismantling must be undertaken by professional scaffolders, who shall pass the examination according to the current national standard "management rules for safety technical assessment of special operators" (gb5036) and take up their posts with certificates. The personnel on duty shall have regular physical examination, and those who are not suitable for high-altitude operation shall not operate on the scaffold

8.0.2 workers must wear safety helmets, safety belts and anti slip shoes when erecting and dismantling scaffolds

8.0.3 the construction load on the operation layer shall meet the design requirements and shall not be overloaded; It is not allowed to stack formwork, steel bars and other objects on the scaffold. It is strictly prohibited to pull cable and wind rope or fix and erect concrete pump, pump pipe and lifting equipment on the scaffold

8.0.5 the following members shall not be removed during construction:

l cross support, horizontal frame

2 wall connecting parts

3 reinforcing rods: such as diagonal bracing, horizontal reinforcing rods, sweeping rods, sealing rods, etc

4 railings

8.0.7 it is strictly forbidden to excavate on or near the scaffold foundation

8.0.10 climbing along the outside of the scaffold is strictly prohibited

9.4.3 the construction shall comply with the following provisions:

6 reliable safety measures shall be taken when removing the formwork support and full scaffold, and it is strictly forbidden to throw it from high altitude

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